Smart Home Apps and Green Energy: How to Take Your Home Into the Future

Green energy generation and consumption aren’t new concepts, but for a long time, they were too expensive and impractical to be widely used. Now, solar energy and smart home technology are everywhere you turn. Here are some ways to leverage this technology to take your home into the future. 

Solar Energy – Power for a Modern World

Solar energy may seem daunting, but thanks to recent innovations, it has become more affordable and user-friendly. The typical solar power system comprises of solar panels, including flexible solar panels (which can be portable or permanently placed), a power converter, and a battery to store excess energy. As technology continues to advance, one remarkable innovation in the realm of solar energy is the emergence of flexible solar panels. These panels have revolutionized the way we harness solar power, offering a convenient and cost-effective solution. Discover more about the world of flexible solar panels, and uncover the exciting possibilities they bring to the table for solar energy utilization in commercial and residential settings. 

Many homeowners are interested in solar but are put off by installation costs. If that sounds like you, you might wonder, “Can I install solar panels myself?” The answer is yes! On a typical system, installing the panels yourself can save you almost $15,000. Homeowners end up saving money in the long run. 

Smart Home Technology

You can reduce your carbon footprint even further by pairing solar power with smart electronics and appliances, like smart thermostats. These devices can often be controlled via smartphone, allowing you to adjust the temperature when you aren’t home to save energy. These are some of the best smart home apps:


Ecobee is a smart home automation app that is all about eco-friendly energy usage. It is available for both Apple and Android. The app can learn your beehaviors and create automated routines, which you can use to control your energy consumption. 

Ecobee products work on traditional and solar power systems so that you can get the most out of your green energy. There is even an app for the Apple Watch so that you can control your thermostat, security system, and lights with just a few touches. 

   Google Home

The Google suite of smart devices includes speakers, thermostats, lights, and even locks. They can all be controlled via the Google Home app or voice commands through Google Assistant. 

The app also allows you to create surprisingly complex routines, making it easy to control your energy usage fully. For example, you can create a routine that connects to a weather app and turns on your smart light at sunset each day. No more wasted energy, no more coming home to a dark house!

   Amazon Alexa

Amazon is known for its large and diverse range of products, but they are perhaps best known for Alexa, their virtual assistant. Amazon has a variety of smart home products that are Alexa-enabled, including lightbulbs, cameras, speakers, and thermostats. 

Like the Google system, these devices can be controlled via an app or voice control through Alexa. Both systems work well—just be sure to pick one and stick with it. Devices are not always cross-compatible. 

Final Thoughts

Smart home technology and solar energy were both created to help people reduce their carbon footprint. As these technologies gain notoriety, more and more people are making the switch and enjoying cleaner energy.