Smart Scales For Fat Loss

A weight-loss journey is not a simple journey to begin, it requires endurance, research, and motivation. There are a few tools that can make this process easier, such as the FitTrack app and smart scales. Check out the smart digital weighing Scale from, this site will provide you a range of counting scales that don’t just give you a number but also weigh many metrics of body composition and give you feedback live. Start your weight loss goals with the help of an app such as Fitness Tracking app and smart digital scales by AAA weigh Inc.

Withings Body+

This smart scale is wifi enabled and syncs to 100 popular fitness and health apps. This high-tech scale is a great option for someone looking to measure all aspects of their health since it measures several aspects of body composition. It tracks: 

  • Weight
  • Body fat percentage
  • Water weight
  • Muscle mass
  • Bone density. 

What makes it even greater is that it allows up to eight users, this makes it very family-friendly. Its weight capacity is 396 pounds (180 kg). 

Body+ is definitely on the more expensive price for smart scales however, it is also one of the easiest to use. Along with the connection to other fitness and health apps on its own feature-packed app, the scale also provides expert advice and tips to create a healthy lifestyle. The Body+ has a non-slip surface to avoid marking your floors and marking for correct feet position. The only downside is that – like many others – the scale doesn’t work so well on carpeted floors however, it is unlikely that you have a carpeted bathroom floor so this shouldn’t be an issue. 

QardioBase 2

The QuardioBase 2 is a stylish and functional rechargeable scale. It has a sleep, ultra-thin design, and a large LED display screen. It measures 6 bodyweight compositions: click to investigate

  • Weight
  • Body fat
  • BMI
  • Water percentage 
  • Muscle mass
  • Bone density  

This scale is on the more expensive side (up there with the Body+) but in contrast to the Body+ scale, this one can be used on any surface – even carpet. It connects to almost any health and fitness app. It is Bluetooth enabled and wifi enabled. On top of this, it has a number of smart modes including one for users with implanted medical devices. The app that the scale comes with is easy to set up. After registering with Qardio you will fill out your profile. From there you can connect to the wifi, Bluetooth and choose your smart mode.  The Qardio app also has a reminders tab that you can use to set notifications for weekly weigh-ins. There can be up to 5 users however, it becomes quite tricky to navigate between users on the app itself. 

RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale 

The RENPHO gives its users an in-depth look at their body composition at a lower price range than the two above. The scale itself only shows your body weight however, the app that comes with it tracks 13 measures of body composition. Not only does it give great insight into the numbers but the app also implies reasons why the measurements are high or low. The data in the app is stored long-term, allowing easy show of progress in weight loss or muscle gain

The scale is not wifi enabled but is Bluetooth-enabled and connecting it to a smartphone is as easy as pie. The product has a sleek, thin design that looks streamline and modern in any bathroom. The displays are easy to see as the scale has LED lights that do the trick. The scale only shows measurements in kilograms but stones and pounds can be seen in the app. The RENPHO does connect to other apps, however, does not connect to Apple Watch Series 1.

Fitbit Aria 2

This high-tech smart scale syncs with the Fitbit app in order to help monitor your fat loss. If you are a Fitbit user already this scale would be a perfect addition to your Fitbit collection. Along with tracking long-term trends using charts and graphs, the app and scale show measures of:

  • Weight 
  • Body fat percentage
  • BMI 
  • Lean body mass

The Fitbit app also has a feature where you can set goals, measure hydration, record activities and food intake. The scale can hold up to 400 pounds, compared to the last three scales that only held up to 350 pounds. The scale uses both Bluetooth and wifi connectivity and has encryption that will keep your data safe. One downside is that the scale is not suitable for anyone with an implanted medical device because it does not offer a way to switch off the bioimpedance signal. Compared to the other mentioned scales the body composition is not very specific. It misses out on muscle, bone mass and water weight however, these aren’t necessary for the average person. 


Overall, the QardioBase 2 seems to be a great choice for anyone willing to invest a little bit more into a smart scale. It provides very in-depth and detailed insight into body composition and is suitable for people with implanted medical devices. The RENPHO looks to be the best option that is at standard pricing for smart scales.