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Soundarya Sharma Introduction

Soundarya Sharma was not that famous name before the 16 seasons of Big Boss where she did enter as a content. She did do some work on the OTT platform – but the world did not know her that well. The way she did she show her fashion voice in Big Boss show Colors, it did make her famous in India and the countries where Big Boss is watched a lot. She is famous to the level that famous WWE legend John Cena does follow her on Twitter now. It is just a glimpse of this actress and model who has become another example of being an independent woman.

From making her home look like a café to dressing up like a diva, Soundarya is the name that has taken over the world. From having good links in the industry to take her work hard, she has started her career in a manner it can give inspiration to many girls. Despite being a dentist, she has opted to become an actress and model. Not just that, Soundarya is famous for being a vegan. These are some of the reasons that do make Soundarya famous and a person worth knowing.

Soundarya Sharma Biography

Soundarya Sharma is an Indian actress and model. The Delhi-born and the brought-up girl is known for her time in the 16th season of Big Boss, which did run from Oct 2022 to Feb 2023. She did become one of the most talked about constants there.

Soundarya did light this world on 20 September 1994 in New Delhi, India. She was born in a Hindu Brahmin family. She has Virgo as her zodiac sign and Aquarius as her astrological sign. She does believe in an astrological point of view. It has made her even wear one blue sapphire and emerald. The meaning of Soundarya’s name is Beautiful. The word has come from the Sanskrit language. Her nationality is Indian, and she comes from brown ethnicity. Soundarya does like to act and chill.

Soundarya SharmaDetails
Soundarya Sharma ProfessionActress, Model
Soundarya Sharma Celebrity TypeTV Star, Movie Star
Soundarya Sharma Age28 Years as od 2022
Soundarya Sharma Date Of Birth30-Sep-94
Soundarya Sharma Zodiac SignVirgo
Soundarya Sharma HometownNew Delhi
Soundarya Sharma Height5 Feet 5 Inches
Soundarya Sharma BirthplaceNew Delhi
Soundarya Sharma Weight55 Kgs
Soundarya Sharma Notable WorkHis Story, Raktanchal
Soundarya Sharma NationalityIndian
Soundarya Sharma Net Worth$1.5 Million
Soundarya Sharma Instagram Followers6.3 Million
Soundarya Sharma Twitter Followers135.9K
Soundarya Sharma HobbiesSinging
Soundarya Sharma First MovieRanchi Diaries

Soundarya Sharma Physical Appearance

Soundarya Sharma Height is a good-looking lady who stands 5 feet and 5 inches tall. She does weigh around 55 kg. She weighs around 65 kg. Soundarya Sharma age is 28 years old. Soundarya is a mega lover of the gym, and it is the reason she looks very fit. Even sometimes one can see her abs also. The body of Soundarya measures around 36-28-36 inches.

It means her cup size is 36C. She does have dark brown eyes and hair. Soundarya’s 6.5 cup size of Soundarya. Medium to large is her dress size. Soundarya has not put tattoos on her body. Even Soundarya has not done many cosmetic surgeries on her body. Her lips are naturally big, and her dimples do not push her to even add any cosmetic surgery. But she has done a bit of work. She does look very hot. The Big Boss season 16 did show her love for gymming where she did it every single day.  

Soundarya Sharma Early Life

She was a fashion-forward personality from the very beginning. It did help her out to be kind of one of the most talked about girls at school. She did get so many proposals from boys. She was in love with Kareena Kapoor’s Poo. Even she used to say during her younger days that “ Kon hai yeh jisne dobara mudke Soundarya ko nahi dekha”. She even used to steal the makeup of her mother and use it. But equally, she had an amazing love for academics and mostly science and maths.

Soundarya Sharma Family

Naresh Sharma is the name of Soundarya’s father. She is very much connected with her mother Usha Sharma. Soundarya is blessed to have two siblings Avinash Sharma (brother) and Mona Sharma (mother). She did grow up in a family of five. Soundarya is very much protected towards her brother and sister. She is a kind of family-oriented person. Unlike Soundarya, Avinash and Mona do not like to live in the world of glamour. Soundarya’s mother is a retired schoolteacher. Her father is a businessperson. She comes from a medium to decent South Delhi family. In South Delhi, the family does have many high-profile connections.

Soundarya Sharma Education

The most well-known fact about Soundarya Sharma is that she holds a degree in Dental Surgery, for which she went to Los Angeles, California, United States. But she has done all her schooling in South Delhi. In her class, there were many children of rich people. She did like studying science and maths a lot during her younger days. She is fluent in English and Hindi and does understand the Punjabi language also. She was kind of a student who was good in studies as well as other than study activities. She has good speaking skills. Hence, Soundarya did win awards in debate competitions when she was a school student.

Soundarya Sharma Boyfriend, Love Life

Soundarya Sharma does have a decent number of boyfriends. for a short span, she did come into a relationship with Indian actor Gautam Vig, who was a fellow contestant in BB16. They fell in love for around two weeks. At first, everybody from contestants, and hosts to the audience did call the relationship fake. However, they did work in the relationship and made everybody rethink. At the time, Gautam chose captaincy over the week’s food, it was Soundarya who stood by him and made the food for every contestant to her best level. However, in the end, this relationship did start to have some ups and downs. Gautam did end his journey in Big Boss on the 48th day.

At that time, Soundarya was crying but Gautam did not even try to hug her. After getting out of the show, Gautam said he wants to continue this relationship. But Sreejita De who came back to the after going out told Soundarya that Gautam did tell some bad things about her. And hence, she did part ways with him even when she was in the show. She did kiss Shalin Bhanot at the start of the show. But that was kind of fun. She Shalin did kiss him once just to make Gautam feel bad.

Soundarya Sharma Career

Soundarya Sharma’s debut was Ranchi Diaries in 2017. It did make her win ‘Best Debutante’ at the Jharkhand International Film Festival. It did see her getting nominated at Zee Cine Awards. It was her debut film in her which she did play the role of a lead. However, it was in the year 2022 that she came up with three web series where he played roles and also made her appearance in Big Boss. Raktanchal 2 saw her playing the role of Roli, Country Mafia helped her to play the role of Nannu and she played the role of Payal Rana in Karm Yuddh. These three OTT series did make her famous.

The same year did see she make a cameo in Thank God, which is a well-known Bollywood movie. Her music video for Ranchi Diaries: “Thoda Aur” and “Fashion Queen” was also famous. In 2023, she did work on Bade Din Se and MAST BARSAAT songs of  Sajid Wajid, who are a friend of Soundarya. Even she did praise for dancing in Bomb Hai music video. It is the same video that did make beef with model Manya Singh, which Soundarya did say when Manya was saying bad things about her in Big Boss.

Soundarya Sharma

Soundarya Sharma Feels She Is Not Made For Reality TV Shows

Despite seeing a great rise in the Big Boss season 16, Soundarya Sharma feels that despite she did get a lot of love with the help of being in the Big Boss show, she feels that it is very hard for her to fight for milk, tea and other common things in life. She said it does make things very hard for her and creates kind of negative vibe. But overall she is happy with her Big Boss journey.

Soundarya said to a media publication on 02 May 2023: “I am not somebody who can fight and abuse over food, sugar and coffee and pass derogatory remarks and be nasty to people. Sometimes you just get dragged by the chugli gang and all. I think it’s a part and parcel because what do you do sitting there the whole day surrounded by discussions? I believe if I can sail through that, I can sail through anything.”

Soundarya Sharma Bigg Boss

Soundarya Sharma was working well. But it was the 16th season of Big Boss that did make her famous in India. It has made her a known celebrity. She did enter the house on the first day and stayed until 112. She was not evicted by the fans but her fellow contestant did send her back home as Shiv Thakare and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary knew that she is a strong player in playing games and hence, making her out was a better thing despite many fans feeling that her contribution was more than Tina Datta. She made a good friendships in the show with Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and Archana Gautam. Out of these two, Archana is her closest. She did love her from the core of her heart. With Nimrit, she did start well but then things changed during the middle stages of the show. But after some weeks they did become very good friends.

With Gautam Vig, it was a good relationship of love which did not end very well as they did break up. Other than that, she was good friends with Priyanka and Ankit Gupta but the show did present that they did not support her as well as she did. Hence, it did become bitter with Priyanka. With Ankit, it was kind of good. She played the game alone and stayed until the very end despite the fact she was least popular in the show. Even overall fans did like the way she dressed and acted well.  

Soundarya Sharma Social Media

Soundarya Sharma does have 7M followers on Instagram and over 146.7K Followers on Twitter. However, most of her Instagram followers are fake as the like and comment ratio does not match with followers at all. Even it was raised by Tina that Soundarya has fake followers at the time they were in Big Boss.

And most of them are fake, so someone on Instagram might block her account also. But she has still a good number of followers on Insta. And after Big Boss, it has become even better. Soundarya does share her work and personal life with fans on Insta. As she is a model, some of her shoots are bold. Hence, many uneducated people talk about her body parts also.  

Soundarya Sharma Net Worth

The net worth of Soundarya Sharma is around INR 4.1 cr as of 2023. She has gained most of her fame from working as an actress and model. She does own a Mercedes C class which she did buy before going to the Big Boss house. She even shoots a video about her car after coming back from the reality show. She said it was her dream to buy this car. Other than that, she does have a mega collection of luxury bags. She is a rich lady who does have a big heart to help NGOs also. As she is a professional dentist also, Soundarya does help NGO children to know how to do basic hygiene of the mouth.

Soundarya Sharma Liked With Sajid Khan

Famous Indian director Sajid Khan did also join the BB16 as he wanted to show the Indian audience again that he has changed. During the “Me Too” Movement, many women said that Sajid has tried to make them uncomfortable. It did see him getting banned also. However, Sajid did see Soundarya as her little sister. He used to call her “beta” in the show. They did have a kind of brother-sister relationship. However, there were some parties after Big Boss where all of the contestants did come and enjoyed the party. There they did click pictures and it did lead the media to say that there is something on between Sajid and Soundarya. It did make her feel sad for which she said that there is nothing like this and he sees Sajid as an elder brother.


Not many people know that Soundarya Sharma was very famous in the rich crowd of New Delhi. She then did like to do clubbing a lot, many people said that Soundarya goes with so many different men and some of them are very older. These clubs were Club BW and all. Maybe many think that she did it for getting contacts and all or she was a social person.

Another controversy did come when Shalin Bhanot said many times on Big Boss that Soundarya does go the Dubai. It means that some actresses do go the Dubai for money where they do some adult things for money, whereas on Reddit, Urvashi Rautela is accused of doing it. She has many posts of her working in Dubai, so it is kind of possible. But Soundarya has no such posts. So it can be a true or not story.

On May 5, 2022, a major moment came in Soundarya Sharma’s life when she was awarded ‘Stree Shakti Rashtriya Puraskar for Excellence in Hindi Silver Screen and Entertainment’. She did award for performing well OTT series. Governor of Maharashtra Ramesh Bais did gave her this award. And she did share this update with her fans on Instagram. The post was written in mix of English and Hindi.

She wrote on her Instagram post: “Verified It is my honour and privilege to receive the prestigious Stree Shakti Rashtriya Puruskar at the governor’s house by the Honorable Governor of Maharashtra! मैं इस अवार्ड को बहुत प्राथमिकता देती हूँ।और इस सम्मान को नतमस्तक होकर स्वीकार करती हूँ ।मैं धन्यवाद देती हूँ H.E. Governor Of Maharashtra, Shri Ramesh Bais जी और Suryadutta group of institutes के chairman Dr. Sanjay B. Choradiya जी का, जिन्होंने मुझे #StreeShaktiRashtriyaPuruskar -2023 से सम्मानित किया। मैं कोशिश करूँगी की इसके साथ जो मुझे उत्तरदायित्व मिला है, उसे मैं बखूबी निभाऊँ।“

Some Facts To Know About Her

  • Soundarya Sharma is a vegan and she did choose to become vegan in the late 2010s.
  • Soundarya does own a tote bag from Louis Vuitton.
  • She does like to do clubbing a lot.
  • Soundarya has made her home very minimal and good-looking.
  • She does not know how to play the guitar but she owns two at her house but they are for show only.
  • She has adopted a dog whose name is Nanhu.  
  • Soundarya was a contest in the 16 seasons of Big Boss.
  • She does drink wine and beer but does not have any animal-based products.
  • Soundarya is born and bred in New Delhi.
  • She does know how to drive a car.
  • Soundarya is not a huge sports fan.
  • She does like to eat Pani Puri a lot.
  • Soundarya likes to do shopping a lot.
  • She is managed by Pals & Peers Entertainment.
  • She is not married and does not have any husband hence.


Q Who is Soundarya Sharma?

Soundarya Sharma is a well-known Indian actress and model. She is also a dentist.

Q How old is Soundarya Sharma?

Soundarya Sharma age is 28 years old, and having been born on 20 September 1994 in New Delhi, India.

Q Is Soundarya Sharma vegan?

Soundarya Sharma is a vegan and she does support this movement from the core of her heart.

Q Is Soundarya Sharma a doctor?

Yes, Soundarya Sharma is a doctor. She is a professional dentists other than being an actress and model.

Q What is Soundarya Sharma net worth?

As of 2023, Soundarya Sharma has a net worth of INR 4.1 CR.

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