Standing Desks and Sustainability: Eco-Friendly Options and Initiatives

Not only is having a standing desk good for you. It’s also good for the environment.

Many things people have and do are harmful to nature. Factories dump toxic chemicals into nearby lakes, rivers, and streams. Vehicles spew greenhouse gases into the air. Shoppers buy stuff made of materials that aren’t sustainable. The list goes on.

As bleak as things may seem, humanity has been trying harder and harder to take better care of the planet. One of the easiest ways is to support environmentally conscious businesses by buying sustainable, eco-friendly products.

Among those products are standing desks. 

To prove how hopeful the future is for saving Mother Nature, here are four of the various “green” standing desks available in the market, along with an environmentally friendly business practice by providers of these inspired pieces of furniture.

Wooden Standing Desks

Wood is one of the most widely used environmentally safe materials.

Unlike plastic, wood is biodegradable. That means it naturally breaks down into organic matter that poses hardly any environmental danger.

Since it comes from trees, wood is also a naturally renewable resource. That means it’s sustainable.

Things made of wood are effectively given all the material’s eco-friendly characteristics, making them safe for the environment.

That includes stand-up desks.

Reclaimed Wood and Recycled Metal Standing Desks

While wood is sustainable in and of itself, some of the ways it’s harvested aren’t.

A lot of things are made of wood, so it should come as no surprise that it’s in demand. To keep up with it, companies end up overharvesting, which leads to deforestation. That’s why many sit-stand desks are now made using reclaimed wood and other recycled materials, like metal.

Wood Composite Standing Desks

As great as wood is, metal and plastic are more durable. 

Wooden furniture, even those made of reclaimed wood, can last 100+ years as long as they’re well cared for. But plastic can last at least 5x that while metal can last thousands of years. 

That’s why more and more products are made of plastic and metal instead of wood.

Environmentally conscious companies make wooden products that are still desirable by using wood composite instead of regular wood.

Also called man-made wood and engineered wood, wood composite refers to a range of derivative wood products created by mixing ground wood particles (ex: sawmill scraps and wood waste) and thermoplastic resin. One of the most commonly used types of such wood is plywood.

Wood composite has several benefits that regular wood doesn’t such as:

  • Superior durability
  • Resistance to excess moisture, heat and ultraviolet (UV) light 
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance

Despite these, wood composite is just as environment-friendly as regular wood, so adjustable standing desks made of this material are safe for the environment.

Standing Desks with Slight Defects Made Available for Sale

Due to strict quality standards, businesses throw away much of what they intend to sell. For instance, a lot of food ends up as garbage for simply looking less than perfect. 

The same goes for ergonomic standing desks. Those with defects are disposed of, exacerbating the problem of ever-increasing waste production.

Standing desk makers and retailers are addressing this by selling standing desks with only minimal flaws. 

The less products they waste, the less harm they cause to the environment.

Carbon-Neutral Shipping

Such is the desire of many standing desk providers to help protect the environment that their efforts extend beyond the standing desks themselves. Many have even made their business practices eco-friendly, like shipping.

Instead of typical shipping, more and more of now do carbon-neutral shipping, which refers to the process of transporting products using eco-friendly transportation (ex: electric vehicles) or offsetting the carbon emissions produced throughout the shipping and handling process.

That coupled with the various eco-friendly standing desks available in the market, there’s no denying how beneficial standing desks are to the environment.

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