Steps To Follow To Ensure Better Hires

You need to first understand the basics involving the recruitment process. There are some terminologies that can be quite confusing. Different recruitment approaches need to be taken when hiring multiple employees or new team members. 

Talent Acquisition vs. Recruitment

Typically, recruitment is when there is a need to fill up a vacancy created in the organization. This can be if someone has retired, resigned or there is required a new skill set. On the other hand, talent acquisition is concerned about creation of productive, efficient strategic process. The latter allows you to find skills and people continuously that can help future-proof the business. The top contract staffing services do have the right set of resources, tools and people to help with all approaches. 

Staffing vs. Recruitment

The truth is staffing is much different from that of recruitment. It is more about searching for multiple people or individuals to serve immediate, short-term requirement. You may require hiring more people to assist with some upcoming or current demand. This is against those trying to spend time trying to identify and hire people having certain skills permanently.

But contract recruitment and staffing are different terms and should not be interchanged. Businesses with upcoming projects may require specialist expertise and experience. 

In-house Talent team vs. Recruitment Agency

In-house talent team can help manage things internally. Their task is to hire people annually. Generally, such team comprises of the Hiring Manager whose task is to assist different departments and meet their hiring needs at the earliest. It can be beneficial for effective and smooth business operation. It also makes a great EVP (Employee Value Proposition). However, at times, the team may lack the kind of experience required to identify specialist talent and those not seeking actively to play new roles (mostly passive candidates).

Different stages involved in the recruitment process

What exactly constitutes the hiring process? You need to understand the specifics as well as how the selection and recruitment process is to be done. 

Identifying hiring needs

Several reasons may be cited for urgent need of recruiting candidates in key and frontline positions. Perhaps, there may be a need to adapt with the market changes, increase speed by which the organization is transforming, replace someone who is planning to retire or leave or solve a problem. 

Irrespective of the reason, it becomes essential to identify the hire type required to kick start the entire process at the earliest. It will be equally necessary to find out the budget to set to pay the salary of the successful applicant. The next step involves considering what should be included within the job advert. 

Drafting appropriate vacancy adverts

It will be necessary to create a job description based on which candidates are to be screened and hired. The reputed contract staffing companies do offer job description templates that can be filled out to prescribe the details. Job advert will be useful as it helps people in huge numbers to view as well as apply for the vacancy. The recruitment agency can undertake this task well. 

The job ad should be all inclusive and well written to attract potential talents belonging to diverse backgrounds. It also helps promote the company’s brand while permitting you to develop a strong candidate pool that can be used in the future. Check out the following:

  • What do you desire in the advert made for the following job?
  • What information best pique your interest?
  • What language type resonates with you?

There can be polarised opinions when deciding whether to include the salary part in the job ad or not. This choice is entirely for you to make. Greater pay transparency will help the selection process become easy and quick. 

Talent Sourcing

Why wait for applications from job seekers for the declared vacancy. The majority might not just fit the job description. Most businesses prefer to source talent actively without professional assistance. But this will only mean wasting money, time, effort and also the project getting delayed, thus losing on profits and clients. 

This is where recruitment agencies seem to be a better option. They are equipped with the right tools and understand what exactly attracts passive job seekers in making applications. 

Businesses, professionals and recruiters do enjoy long-lasting relationships. The right recruitment agency when hired can help identify potential talent efficiently, quickly while acting like an extended arm for the business. 

Screening applicants

There can be present a huge list of candidates who might have applied to earlier adverts or selected previously by your recruitment agency or Hiring Manager. However, the straightforwardness of the screening stage will be based on the specific requirements and job type offered. 

It is necessary to trim through the applicants Resume as it helps reveal those not eligible for the offered job. Mostly, they are likely to be those from the different job board applications. Then prepare checklist while reviewing Resumes of absolute minimum requirements based on education, experience and skills. 

On developing a concise list, a more thorough approach is to be taken towards reviewing. Final selection of candidates will be those invited for the interview. The reputed recruitment agency sends across pre-vetted shortlist of qualified and eligible candidates. In this case, the hiring manager’s responsibility is limited to meeting candidates matching fully with the specified requirements. 

Conducting interviews for new hires

It is rather a vital part concerning the recruitment process. It will be essential to understand the method to conduct the interview in an integral manner to sure prospective new employees are provided with a positive impression. 

Selecting the right hires

Once the interview is over, you can find out which applicant will fit better in the vacant profile. You are to move fast and reach out to the finalized candidates quite proactively. You are to derive verbal commitment, then send across their offer letter, deflect potential counter offer as well as perform pre-employment checks. There is a lot to do within a short time. 

The process can be made much easier, quicker, smoother and in a more efficient manner by taking help of the certified recruitment agencies.