Style Guide And Tips About Top 3 Jeans For Women

Women’s jeans are one such type of clothing that is not only a staple in their wardrobe but defines the complete wardrobe. There are many of us who live on just one pair of jeans for months because that one pair, according to us, comes under the category of best jeans. Though there is no definition for the best jeans for women because comfort and preferences vary from person to person. Everything is good until the day comes where your go-to jean has served you whole heartedly and it is time to buy the new pair of jeans. With the stress of buying the best jeans for women, many times we end up compromising on some options. Jeans for women should always be brought as per their body type and size. You need to understand what type works best for you by exploring all the available options in the market.

With that being said, we have shortlisted the top three types of jeans either of which suits each body type. Not only the types but we have also mentioned a few tips to style them. So let us get started with the hunt on finding the best jeans for women.

The Very Popular – Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans for women are a classic choice to go for. It is universally flattering for the way it streamlines one’s features by creating amazing silhouettes. It is not only good for workdays but also a go-to pair of jeans on off-duty days. Whether you are heading out for a lunch date or need to attend a meeting, skinny jeans will never let you down. It is one such wardrobe essential that gives you a classic style. You can pair it up with a blazer and heels for a meeting and a loose shirt or top during lunch dates.

The Most Liked – High Waist Jeans

Every wardrobe is incomplete without a pair of high waist jeans. Navy, black and white are few of the most popular colors in high waist jeans for women. Well, it goes by the fact that each of us owns at least one pair of high waist jeans no matter what the color and style it has. It is one of the most versatile jeans that can suit all body types and is suitable for both day and night time. No matter what top you have, high waist jeans are known to create in itself an effortlessly stylish appearance. All you need to remember is, buy them in your correct size. They look great with a blouse or simple t-shirt tucked in the waistband along with sneakers or booties at the bottom.

The Fashionista’s Choice – Flared Jeans

Flare jeans are the talk of the town these days. They are a perfect option to opt for during weekend outings. They create a striking style and look great on every body type. You can pair them with a white shirt to create a sophisticated look for the office. You can g=finish the look by wearing sexy stilettos to give an appearance of wider legs.