Supermicro, founded in 1988 and headquartered in San Jose, California, is one of the leading innovators of storage, networking, and server technologies at the heart of today’s data center. A global leader in high-performance, green computing, and sustainability solutions for various markets, including Business & Education, could not exist without Supermicro. 

Supermicro was one of the first to embrace green computing and worked hand-in-hand with eco-conscious customers for over a decade. Its award-winning green solutions include high-performance, reliable, and energy-efficient components, systems, and appliances designed to save energy costs by reducing power consumption and eliminating waste. Here are some kinds of services and products that Supermicro has.

1. 5G RAN

5G RAN the newest standard for mobile network communication. It is designed to provide 500 Mbps or 1 Gbps speeds to all subscribers of a mobile network at the same time. These ultra-fast speeds will impact how many of us live and work in ways we cannot even imagine today. As a provider of 5G platforms and mobile network infrastructure, Supermicro is uniquely qualified to guide you through the challenges and enable you to prepare for the opportunities ahead.

2. Enterprise 5G

Supermicro understands the challenges next-generation network and service providers face as they try to increase bandwidth, boost throughput and reduce latency. That’s why Supermicro has developed a portfolio of solutions that address the unique challenges associated with 5G network deployments. Supermicro offers the only complete portfolio of 5G infrastructure solutions, enabling service providers to reduce time to revenue and lower their costs in deploying 5G services over new or existing infrastructures.

3. Rack Server

Supermicro has been a leader in data center technology since its company was founded in 1988. Over the years, the company has consistently kept an eye on the future, incorporating new technologies and processes into its server designs to stay ahead of the competition. While many companies have come and gone throughout Supermicro’s existence, it remains one of the top data center technology providers today. Their rack servers are designed to meet any need and fit any budget.

4. HPC Solution

Supermicro delivers high-performance computing solutions to customers needing new ways to process, analyze, or securely share data. Supermicro’s scalable and flexible solutions optimize existing infrastructure by providing the compute performance and storage capacity needed for today’s large-scale workloads such as machine learning, deep learning, and virtualization.

5. HPC Cluster

Supermicro’s HPC clusters are a popular solution for public and private cloud platforms. They come standard with high power efficiency, ease of management, and scalability features. Whether you need to handle a significant workload or several workloads at once, Supermicro has the HPC cluster you need to get your job done. Many customers are choosing Supermicro to take their HPC requirements because of its high capacity, efficiency, and overall reliability.

6. High-Density Server

Supermicro’s high-density server solutions offer a powerful combination of performance, efficiency, and design features that dramatically reduce costs. Supermicro has designed compact, high-density platforms for information technology infrastructures to help address the increasing demand for computing resources and deliver more services per physical unit.

Over the years, Supermicro has established itself as a premier provider of advanced technology for several markets, including telecommunications, enterprise computing, embedded systems, and storage. Supermicro’s commitment to innovation and quality is evident in its broad product portfolio and deep expertise in all the critical aspects of modern data centers.