Symptoms of Sinusitis

 Do you have a stuffy nose that is not getting better? This could be a sign of sinusitis (sinus infection). This infection happens when the fluid builds up in the air-filled pockets in the individual’s face. The person with this condition suffers from challenges such as a runny nose, headache, cough, sore throat, and bad breath. Since this problem causes uncomfortable experiences, most people suffering seek medical attention. If you have chronic sinusitis East Hampton, you should seek treatment before the condition worsens. The following are the common symptoms of sinusitis.

Nasal Congestion

The inflamed sinuses usually interfere with how effectively the person can breathe through the nose. Since the infection leads to sinuses and nasal passages swelling, you are likely to suffer from a “blocked” feeling. The nasal congestion can make you unable to smell and taste normally. Besides, you could have a “stuffy” sound.

Sinus Headaches

Having swelling and pressure in your sinuses can make you suffer headaches. Besides, this pain can lead to earaches and jaw, teeth, and cheeks pain. The sinus headaches are usually extreme in the morning since the fluids have collected throughout the night. Besides, the headache worsens due to the sudden change in barometric pressure or when an individual changes the head position.

Cough and Throat Irritation

When the sinuses discharge drowns towards the throat, the person is likely to suffer irritation for an extended period. This feeling can cause you to have an annoying cough. The cough usually worsens when you lie to sleep or immediately after waking up. You can suffer from difficulty sleeping. The person can reduce the intensity and frequency of the coughing by sleeping upright while maintaining the head at an elevated position.

Hoarse Voice and Sore Throat

The postnasal drip causes a person to have a raw and aching throat. Even though it does not start as an annoying tickle, it worsens with time. If the infection lasts for more weeks, your mucus can start to irritate and inflame your throat. You could start suffering from a hoarse voice and sore throat. The throat clearing and frequent coughing also cause the hoarse voice to worsen.

Halitosis (Bad Breath)

The mucus produced from the infected sinuses has a bad smell and drips toward the individual throat into the mouth. You can solve this problem by draining a lot of water and brushing your tongue, mouth rinsing, and sinus rinsing. You can also visit the specialist to advise you on other measures based on your condition.

Tenderness in the Face

Sinusitis usually increases the pressure. This pressure makes the individual face to be tender to the touch. The pressure occurs at the bridge of your nose and under the eyes. Besides, you can feel it on your cheeks and forehead.

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