Technology for all: kids to elderly

They say change is the only constant. Is it? I think it is true, but that change is too frequent when it comes to technology. New apps, their updates with fixed bugs, user-friendly features, and what not? It is not just restricted to using the internet on mobiles and other devices; the health and technology sector is working wonders for us. Everything is tried by tech giants to make their app, tool, or platform perfectly suitable for their target users. 

What do you think their target population would be? EVERYONE. Yes, right, so even if you have not joined the workforce yet or are retired, it does not affect the fact that there are miracles of technology designed for you. Anyhow you end up paying for them that contribute to making your lives way easier and better. If you are parenting a kid or looking after your aged parents/ grandparents, technology has something to offer to all.  

Let us see how. 

Apps and gadgets that can help our elderly stay up to date with the current world. Also, they allow them to carry out their daily tasks with no difficulty. Let me take examples of some apps and gadgets that support our old family members more than we could in person. 

  • Magnifying glass with the light

The very common difficulty our beloved golden-agers face is reading the small prints. The best part is that this app is available for free. 

  • Medcoach 

Do you remember how many times you have reminded your grandpa to take his pills on time? Well, Medcoach is an app that comes to your savior. Again, it is for free. 

  • Lumosity

Keeps the brain active and passes the time productively. This is one of those apps that can be used by a person of any age. Your old parents must be wise if they use it. 

  • Calf and leg massager

Well, this gadget is a must buy! Already imagining yourself relieved from being a personal masseuse to your grandparents? Well, it is fair to do so. This gadget is worth giving a try if you want your beloved to be relaxed. 

  • Hearing aid machine

When growing age gifts you hearing loss, technology has a come back to this as well! These aiding machines are easy to fit and comfortable. Consult your doc and get them as soon as possible if your elderly is facing such an issue.

For kids, we have great alternatives as well as varieties available when it comes to apps and gadgets. Educational and gaming apps and gadgets are the most preferred ones. These are some of the excellent apps and gadgets recommended for kids and adults:

  • Quick maths 

Familiarize your kid with numbers and improve difficulty solving skills with this app. 

  • Science 360

This app is built for kids and adults having curiosity in the field of science and technology, and engineering. 

  • Duolingo

Oh, are you a linguaphile? Then this app is built just for you. They have quality content in various languages you want to learn! 

  • Kindle

This gadget is my personal favorite, and I can’t leave it when I am free. It is also available as an app, and it is a treat for all my reader friends.