The Australian Kangaroo Silver Coin

The iconic Australian Kangaroo Silver Coin is a true gem in the world of bullion. Designed by the talented Stuart Devlin, this coin made its debut in 1993. The first mintage release of this coin was an impressive 200,000, showcasing its popularity right from the start. Over the years, the design of the Australian Kangaroo Silver Coin has undergone subtle modifications, adding to its allure and maintaining its relevance in the bullion world. With its striking kangaroo motif and exceptional craftsmanship, this coin has become a favorite among investors and collectors. It’s a must-have addition to any precious metals portfolio. 

About Perth Mint

Perth Mint is located in Western Australia and was established by the British Empire in 1899. Its inception marked a pivotal moment in Australia’s gold rush era. It became a hub for refining and minting gold nuggets into coins. Today, the Perth Mint holds a prestigious license from the Australian government, solidifying its position as a trusted authority in precious metal production.

The Perth Mint has witnessed various historical events, including the opening of its refinery in 1899 and the debut of the Australian Kangaroo Gold Coin series in 1986, which immediately garnered fame internationally. The mint has gone through both prosperous eras, characterized by strong demand for its fine coins, and difficult eras, including the Great Depression and World War II.

The Perth Mint has produced a number of unique coinage series in gold, silver, and platinum. When it comes to mintage production, the Perth Mint has an impressive track record. It has produced millions of coins, ingots, and bars over the years as a significant player in the world bullion market. It earned a reputation for excellence mainly for its dedication to quality and innovation.

While the Perth Mint has experienced both prosperous and challenging times throughout its history, its business goals remain steadfast. It aims to provide investors and collectors with high-quality precious metal products, ensuring authenticity and value. Its contributions to the global bullion world have been significant as it continues to set industry standards and uphold its reputation as a trusted source of precious metals.

Design Features of the Perth Mint Silver Kangaroo

The following design features make the Perth Mint Silver Kangaroo Coins an exceptional addition to any collection or investment portfolio. These coins are evidence of the Perth Mint’s dedication to excellence with regard to its gorgeous designs, outstanding craftsmanship, and security features.

  • Obverse: Jody Clark’s effigy of Queen Elizabeth II is displayed on the coin’s front. It captures Her Majesty’s majestic demeanor and displays her image in exquisite detail.
  • Reverse: The reverse side showcases a striking depiction of a kangaroo in its natural habitat. The design captures the kangaroo in full motion, showcasing its agility and grace.
  • Security Features: The Perth Mint Silver Kangaroo Coins incorporate various security features, including micro-engraved “A” for authenticity, a radial sunburst pattern, and a micro-laser engraved letter within the coin’s design.
  • Inscriptions: The inscriptions on the coin include the words “Australian Kangaroo,” the year of mintage, the weight and purity of the silver, and the Perth Mint’s “P” mintmark.
  • Denomination Value: The denomination value of the Silver Kangaroo Coins is “1 Dollar.” However, the coins are highly valued for their silver content and collectability.
  • Size: The coins are produced in 1 troy ounce, which is equivalent to 31.1 grams.
  • Metal Content: The Silver Kangaroo Coins contain 99.99% pure silver.

Why is the Australian Kangaroo Silver Coin so popular?

The Australian Kangaroo Silver Coin stands out among other popular bullion coins like the American Silver Eagle, Australian Silver Koala, Canadian Silver Maple, and British Silver Britannia for several reasons:

  1. Unique Design: While each coin features its own distinctive design, the Australian Kangaroo Coin’s portrayal of the iconic kangaroo sets it apart. The kangaroo is a symbol of Australia’s rich wildlife and adds a touch of uniqueness to the coin.
  2. Limited Mintage: Similar to the Canadian Silver Maple and British Silver Britannia, the Australian Kangaroo Coin is released with limited mintage, enhancing its collectability and potential for future value appreciation.
  3. Government Backing: Just like the American Silver Eagle, the Australian Kangaroo Coin is issued by a prestigious government-owned mint, the Perth Mint. The backing of a government institution adds credibility and trust to the coin.

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