The Benefits of Regular Dental Cleaning and Scaling With Your Dentist

Regular dental Cleaning and Scaling with your dentist are one of the best ways to maintain a healthy and attractive smile. Not only will your teeth be cleaned to remove harmful plaque and bacteria that may have built up, but a dental professional can also detect any early warning signs of major issues like periodontal disease or even oral cancer. By catching these problems early on, you have a greater chance of effectively treating them and avoiding large-scale damage or long-term pain. To learn more about oral hygiene benefits visit Markham Gateway Dentistry and read their blog posts for various different types of preventions and treatments. 

Regular dental cleaning and scaling also give you an opportunity to ask about lifestyle choices that can impact your smile, such as which type of mouthwash or toothpaste are best for you, or if it’s time to consider braces. Keeping up with regular dental cleaning and scaling ultimately may save you money despite their upfront cost by preventing more significant problems down the road. There are various treatments that can be prevented just by simply being on top of your oral hygiene. Below mentioned are some Dental Treatments that can be avoided:

Dental implants 

Dental implants are a type of dental restoration that provides an effective and permanent solution to tooth loss. They are essentially small titanium posts placed in the jawbone where teeth have been missing, providing a sturdy anchor for replacement crowns. By permanently bonding to your jawbone and gum tissue, dental implants create superior stability compared to traditional dentures or bridges.

Not only do they look and feel like natural teeth, but they can also help maintain the shape of the face, keep other existing teeth in position, and improve chewing and speaking abilities for those who were once unable to do so due to tooth loss. Dental implants provide lasting comfort and confidence for those looking for an aesthetically pleasing and functional long-term solution.

However, the best way to prevent from having dental implants is to ensure proper oral hygiene and oral care. At the end of the day natural and original teeth are the best and shouldn’t be comprised unless it can’t be avoided. Hence regular dental cleaning and checkups will help prevent this expensive treatment. To learn more about the benefits click here  Markham Gateway Dentistry.

Teeth whitening 

Teeth whitening are a popular and effective way to improve the color of your teeth. Although it won’t give you an entirely new set of teeth, it can significantly reduce discoloration and make them look brighter. There are many whitening products to choose from that range from powerful bleaching agents to toothpastes filled with natural whitening ingredients.

Depending on the product used, users could see improvement after one session or several weeks of regular use. Several factors can cause staining such as food, tobacco, neglecting oral hygiene etc., so regardless of which option you choose, it is critical to take good care of your teeth post-whitening in order to keep that sparkling smile for longer.

Once again consistent dental cleaning an scaling can prevent additional procedures and bleaching and help keep the original teeth structure intact. Which is always the best option. 

Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment, often referred to as endodontic therapy, is used to save and repair a tooth that is heavily decayed or infected. This procedure typically involves removing the damaged area of the tooth and replacing it with a special type of filling material. It is often suggested when other options such as antibiotic treatment have failed. With modern advancements in dental technology and techniques, root canals are becoming quicker and easier than ever before. 

Patients often report experiencing minimal to no pain after root canal treatments are complete. If you think you may need a root canal, talk to your dentist right away so they can provide the proper care you need.

Root canals again can be easily avoided if dental cleaning and check-ups are done frequently. As upon a dental check-up a cavity that needs to be filled can be done right away preventing a cavity to get worse. If the cavities are filled right away this can help in avoiding a root canal.  Markham Gateway Dentistry is a great place to gain more dental know or contact their 24 Hours hotline for any further information.

Dentures & partials

Dentures and partials are a common solution used to replace teeth that have been removed due to decay, disease or trauma. They are designed fit snugly over the gums and provide the same functionality of natural teeth. 

Dentures and partials provide stability in the mouth by improving chewing ability and increasing dietary options, as well as enhancing facial profiles that may have been affected by lost teeth or morphing bones. For many people, replacing missing teeth with dentures and partials can help restore confidence in their appearance with no sacrificing comfort or natural smile.

Once again, with proper and long term care while being on top of dental checkups, dental cleaning and dental scaling dentures may not have to be considered. 


Regular dental visits are important not just for your oral health, but for your overall well-being. Be sure to see a dentist every six months – and if you have any concerns in between check-ups, don’t hesitate to give them a call. Your smile is worth it!