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It’s not even a weird question because the way lace wigs burst onto the beauty market around 2018, headband wigs probably never got a break. However, headbands are the materials we all know that keep hair out of the face and add a bit of flair to your look. So simply put, Julia’s headband wigs are hair attached to headbands.

A brief history of headband wigs

Headbands, rather than wigs, are quite popular in China for many historical reasons. Wigs in China are quite expensive to create and as a result, they are often worn as part of wedding and special occasion outfits and therefore mostly only worn by aristocrats. For them, cheap wigs are used to hide their oily hair and the cost of a full head of hair is quite high. On the contrary, wigs used to be a luxury, but are now a common accessory at Asian weddings. So people are not the only ones wearing wigs anymore, now it is fashionable to wear headbands too. The Chinese term for the headband is 引 红 (Bienfang), which literally means flower bud, hence the name of the hair bands and headbands used are flowers.

What are Julia Hair headbands?

Well, we knew they were the type of hair bands that we can use to increase length, volume, or lift. But actually, it turns out that Juliahair has so many types of headbands on her site that we couldn’t figure out what they were for. As an anecdote, I saw most of the hair bands to iron, add volume, and make a makeshift bun.

Let’s say you want to try Juliahair’s silicone headbands.

They are quite inexpensive and provide an instant boost of volume without stripping your hair’s natural texture. For the purposes of this headband guide, I am going to wear one of your “young and carefree” silicone headband wigs.

This wig contains long brown hair and the color is reddish-brown. It is a popular and great color for people of all skin tones.

The benefits of headband wigs

Headband wig offer you a unique type of artistic makeup as they cover the face but have a little bit of hair sticking out. In fact, they have the ability to cover both parts of the face, giving it a more detailed look.

They are also perfect for long hair because they have a built-in support system. While the hair comes out of the wig and makes it look unkempt, the headband keeps the hair in place.

However, headbands are not ideal for people with very curly or fine hair. It is only designed to cover your face. They are not suitable for people with a large head shape as the drawstring will slide off the edges.

With the simple instructions above, you’re all set to launch into the next hot trend in the beauty space: the headband wig.

How to wear Julia hair headbands

Julia Hair provides a quality headband wig link to hair in different lengths and styles. With all the wigs and hair accessories on their website, you can easily try different styles at home. You can wear them simply and casually. On the other hand, if you are in the mood for a glamorous and different look, you can try headbands. You will also get a wide variety of colors, prints, and designs that you can find from here.

Finding a good one for your body type is easy if you are looking for styles that best suit you. You can also personalize your headbands. You can choose from 30 different colors. And you don’t have to worry about replacing the headband every month or year because it is only soft material.

Last words

So if headbands and lace wigs don’t make sense, what is it? Take a look at Julia Hair’s compilation of the best wig collections and you will get an idea. Check out the post below.

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