The Best Way to Water a Raised Garden Bed

Raised garden beds offer an easy-to-manage way to concentrate planting in smaller spaces. It is an productive and easy way to grow fruits, flowers and vegetables in your backyard. It sounds tempting, but having a healthy and thriving garden is no easy feat. 

Assembling the raised bed, laying down the soil, and planting the seeds is just the beginning. Later maintenance will cost you a lot of energy. Especially the step of watering. Water is an essential but often overlooked part of a raised bed garden setup. 

Consistent water is key to successful gardening. 

If you are still setting up your vegetable garden, I recommend making a water fixture plan now, even if watering is not required at this time. But when it doesn’t rain, you can supplement your garden with a steady flow of water in a few different ways.

Watering by hand with a watering can.

You may have imagined yourself walking from flower to flower smiling with a watering can in hand. It’s a nice image, but lugging a can to and from your garden every morning can get old quickly. This is indeed one of the easiest watering methods, but only suitable for a small raised gardens.

Watering by hand with a hose.

Watering with a hose saves a lot of managers than watering with a can. Because there are so many handy garden hoses out there.

You can install a Wall-Mount Retractable Hose Reel. Its auto-retract system can help you solve the problem of hose organization and storage. 

Or equip your hose with a hose reel, which can also help you move, organize, and store your hose with ease. Giraffe Tools sales four different types hose. Each hose reel is equipped with a hose organization system to help you solve the problem of hose kinks that are difficult to organize.

Build a Simple Drip Irrigation System

If you’re installing your garden near a faucet or rain barrel, then attach a timer and drip hose to the faucet. This is the closest you can get to automation without actually using a formal irrigation system. It’s also a great way to provide your plants with steady water. I think this option works best. Drip kits are available in most hardware stores. 

You can also use a Hose Splitter to connect to the faucet so you can still use the water pipe for other purposes.