The Boom of Makeup Industry

 Many individuals preach about natural beauty and believe in embracing your perfect imperfections. However, this notion brings up the debate about the high demand for cosmetics and beauty products. The popularity of the makeup industry has elevated to a great extent in the past few years. The loyal customers of this fast-growing industry put forward this statement that makeup helps them feel more confident. They also propose that makeup gives them a positive attitude especially when interacting with people.

Makeup is also associated with physical wellbeing and self-love that has further spurred the growth of the makeup industry. Individuals have been engrossed in various makeup trends that have also served as an effective way of growing the popularity of this industry in the past decade. However, makeup has been prevalent for many years, and it is not only the millennials that have been a massive fan of cosmetics and beauty products. 

The History of Beauty Products 

The history of cosmetics dates back to more than seven decades. Makeup, not surprisingly, is known to be one of the earliest rituals in human culture and can be found in the history of almost every society that was or is still present on earth. 

Its example can be taken from various civilizations, including Rome, Egypt, Africa, and many more. The products people used to use in ancient times were far less advanced than the beauty products used in today’s age, and they never came in pretty makeup boxes like today. Nowadays, we have assurance that our makeup will not fall apart as they are safely packed in these makeup boxes unlike old days. Cosmetics in those times were usually used for religious rituals, promoting good health, indicating the practical concerns of their civilization or class, and, of course, enhancing their beauty. 

The Ancient Egyptians used to wear makeup that was made from copper and lead. It has been known that women in ancient times were extremely innovative and creative when it came to the needs of beauty products.  For tinting up their dark lips, women used different kinds of berries. To get the perfect smokey eye look that we all thrive to achieve with pricey eye-shadow palettes, they used ashes of burnt matches that helped them darken the eyes.  

Women in Ancient Rome were equally innovative in using cosmetics. Roman women invented makeup with lead-based formulas that helped them in brightening up their skin. For lining the eye, they used kohl that gave the perfect black color. 

Moreover, Mangolian women belonging to royal families painted red spots right under their eyes, on the center of their cheeks. Japanese women used to wear lipstick made of crushed petals of safflower. They also used safflower petals to paint the edges of their eyes and their eyebrows.  For their makeup base, the women used bintsuke wax, a softer version of the hair wax used by sumo wrestlers. Rice powder was used to color one’s face,  scarlet to outlining the eye socket and highlighting the nose. 

The Evolution of Market Dynamics in the Makeup Industry 

The digital era has brought ample changes in various things, and the makeup industry is no exception. Digital technologies have now enabled customers to explore the industry in multiple ways that would not have been impossible before. With this change, the buying habits of the customers have also changed. This has brought many challenges and has also posed various challenges for marketers and brands.  

Many customers are enjoying this journey where they get to explore a wide array of brands. It has enabled them to find new products or brands that would suit them the best. A generational shift has also been experienced in the past few years. It was observed that the customers from the newest generation reject huge brands that their parents previously preferred. The younger customers tend to go for organic and locally-made products that small-scale brands usually make. The only priority they have is the product being high-quality and being Instagram able. 

For this reason, brands have now started focusing on selling their products in creative custom makeup boxes to satisfy the need of the generation that likes to put everything on Instagram. These custom makeup boxes ensure that makeup is organized in such a way that the makeup remains intact while also representing the brand in an attractive manner.  Brands have now been making efforts to develop new and creative ideas to stand out in the market.

 OBT Packaging also deals with some of the most versatile and creative packaging for makeup that will also be affordable for small-scale entrepreneurs. 

The Future of Makeup Industry 

Since every makeup brand is making attempts to develop innovative and new ideas, the customers are anticipating seeing recent trends in the makeup industry. Following are some f the makeup trends that are being expected to be introduced in the coming years:

Promoting Hygiene:

The current pandemic situation has obligated every brand to promote hygiene with their products. This thing is also expected from brands that deal with cosmetics and beauty products. 

The customers are also willing for this trend to be continued by the brands even when the pandemic is over. During this era, cosmetic brands introduced various ranges of luxury beauty soaps and hand sanitizers.  The custom makeup boxes were also taken care of so that they would not play any role in spreading lethal germs. The flap lid on top of these custom makeup boxes secure the product from environmental hazards, especially as more of the sale relied on e-commerce. 

Liquid Makeup:

Liquid makeup is the most anticipated invention in the makeup industry. Many makeup brands have attempted the transformation of solid makeup into liquid makeup. Since customers spend a good amount of money on makeup products; hence, they want the makeup to stay for a longer time. 

Minimalistic Makeup

The “non-makeup look” has been everyone’s favorite for a long time now.  During the pandemic, people have grown eager to lay their hands on such makeup products to help them achieve this look in no time.

Since many customers run low on time, they are in search of minimal makeup products that they can carry conveniently in their bags. Handy makeup boxes have also become one of the favorite things for customers. The travel sized version of makeup can be conveniently packed in these makeup boxes of all shapes and sizes. 

Organic Beauty Products 

Since more people are turning vegans with every passing year, the demand for plant-based and organic beauty products is also elevating. Customers believe that organic beauty products will also help in minimizing environmental degradation. 

Moreover, the customers are also willing to avoid using products containing chemicals that will be harsh on their skin. Hence, the brads should use natural ingredients in their products, which the customers can easily use for their daily skincare routine. 

Bottom Line

On the bottom line, makeup brands should make certain endeavors to get along with the constantly changing and demanding industry. OBT Packaging can help your products, and especially beauty products in catching the attention of the customers and also maintain the safety of the products due to durable packaging.