The Common Hazards in an Oilfield That Can Lead to Accidents

For those who’ve never been to an oilfield, it’s a pulsating, gurgling world where the danger is ever-present. Petroleum exploration and drilling are whole adventures unto themselves. But it turns out there are the usual dangers of any job, such as falls and getting hit by a speeding vehicle. However, a series of hazards are unique to the oilfield. And it turns out these dangers can lead to major accidents in an oilfield.

Some of these hazards are beyond a person’s control. Others can be avoided by proper planning and precautions. Whatever the reason for the accident, a person who was hurt in an oilfield can hold the employer liable if it was found that the employer was at fault. San Antonio is one of the most active oilfields in the U.S. There are many accidents in the oilfield because of the vastness of the industry. In case of such accidents, a San Antonio oilfield injury attorney is essential because it is the only way a victim can recover what they lost in the accident.

Accidents can happen in many ways. Some of these ways include:

Accidents with vehicles: The vehicles can vary from heavy-duty trucks to a bicycle. There are several ways that these vehicles can get into accidents. For example, workers might be in the way when the vehicle backs up. Or an employee might need to look where they are going and could collide with the vehicle.

Accidents involving scaffolding: The scaffolding might collapse under a worker’s weight. Or the structure may not be able to support the weight, and it can come crashing down.

Accidents at different heights: Workers can fall from heights high enough to cause serious injuries or even death.

Accidents involving chemicals and other substances: This can include dangerous substances such as hydraulic fluid or caustic chemicals.

Accidents involving fires and explosions: The nature of the industry means a significant fire risk exists. And this can mean that workers could get burned in the process.

Accidents involving stress and pressure: Workers can get stressed out for several reasons. It could be the nature of the job itself. Perhaps the employee isn’t sure what to do or how to do it. Or maybe the employee is under a lot of pressure with a deadline. Whatever the reason, it can lead to an accident and severe injury.

Accidents involving equipment and tools: This can include devices that are improperly maintained. It can also have dangerous tools because they need to be correctly used.

The safety standards in place at oil fields are there to protect workers. But when those standards aren’t followed, the results can be catastrophic. A person who suffers an injury in an oilfield accident may be able to file a workers’ compensation claim. Working for an oil and gas company can be a dangerous business. But it doesn’t have to be. An oil and gas company can avoid accidents that lead to injury or death by understanding the hazards and taking proper precautions.