The Do’s And Don’ts Of Moving: Tips For A Successful Transition

To say that relocating to a new residence is intimidating is an understatement. While there are many tips for moving out there for relocating in 2023, there are a few extra factors to always consider.

There are things you must do, and yet again, things you must avoid – whether you are moving across the block or across the country – to help the transition go more smoothly. To ensure a swift relocation, consider the following list of recommendations. 

Do: Plan ahead

Preparation is the key to a successful move, and there is a lot to do in advance. Make sure everything gets packed up and moved in on time by making a moving checklist and starting early. By incorporating a self storage unit into your moving strategy, you can avoid the stress of last-minute rush and ensure that all your belongings are packed with confidence. Having a dedicated space in a self storage unit allows you to organize and store your items securely, providing peace of mind throughout the moving process. Check this out for more information about renting a self-storage unit for your move.

Don’t: Procrastinate

The enemy of every good relocation is procrastination. Moving is a stressful and time-consuming process, and making last-minute arrangements like hiring a moving company or starting to pack may add more stress and confusion. You should give yourself plenty of time to be ready and then go through your list of tasks methodically. 

Finally, don’t put off notifying your utility companies of your relocation. According to a poll conducted by Censuswide, 27% of UK residents who recently relocated did not notify their utility suppliers in advance, leading to complications and delays in establishing service. 

Do: Declutter

There is no better time to purge unnecessary items than when you’re packing to move. Donate, sell, or otherwise get rid of the things you no longer want or need. This will not only help you pack faster, but it will also give you a clean slate in your new place. 

Don’t: Overpack

While it’s crucial to clear the clutter before a trip, it’s also critical not to overpack. So, you should be cautious about putting too many heavy objects into one box and keeping the boxes to a reasonable size. Your movers and you yourself will appreciate the convenience this provides throughout the relocation process. 

Do: Label all your boxes

Around 57% of movers surveyed by SpareFoot cited improper packing as their worst fault. As a result, you may save a lot of hassle and wasted time by clearly marking the contents and destination rooms on each box. The movers will be able to more easily put boxes in the right room, and you’ll be able to find things faster. 

Don’t: Forget to pack essentials

Make sure you have everything you need for your first night in your new place packed inside a box. Bedding, bathroom essentials, a change of clothing, and any necessary prescriptions are examples of what you may want to bring along. You won’t have to dig through storage units to locate what you’re looking for because of this. 

Do: Research moving companies

It is always better to enlist the help of a professional packing and moving service. However, take your time and read reviews of potential movers before making a decision. Check licensing and insurance, read customer reviews, and ask for referrals before hiring. You may feel safe knowing that your valuables are secure if you follow these precautions. 

Don’t: Ignore your budget or forget to set one up in the first place

Sticking to a budget is essential while moving because of the high cost involved. The typical cost of a move in the United Kingdom is £8,885, which is a significant sum of money. 

So, it is important to compare prices from several movers and account for extra expenses like boxes and storage. Thanks to this, you won’t have to worry about going into debt or spending too much money. 

Do: Rest well and take care of yourself

A poll conducted by found that 80% of respondents reported experiencing stress when relocating. It’s hardly surprising, considering the mental and physical toll that relocation can take. 

Take care of yourself so that you don’t burn out in the midst of all the chaos. Make sure you are getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, and pausing when you need to. You’ll have more energy and mental clarity to get through the relocation. 

To Sum Up

Following these dos and don’ts of relocating can help you settle in to your new place with little disruption. You can avoid a lot of stress if you keep the above points in mind. The time spent in your new home can be spent in relaxation and enjoyment if you take the time to prepare and organise!