The Magic Of What Makes Blackjack Special

If you were to go out and ask anyone what the best casino card game is, the most likely answer you’re going to get is poker. And it’s not hard to see why as there’s a lot to love about the game of poker. It’s really easy to learn, it provides plenty of opportunities to win, and you never quite know what’s going to happen next. Everyone with a love of casino gaming definitely needs to give poker a try, but it’s not the only card game on the table. 

Blackjack, while not quite as popular as poker, is very much worth your consideration. In fact, for many, blackjack is superior to poker and other card games for several different reasons. Everyone has their preferences, and it’s important to take an objective and subjective look at all the different games that are available and choose the ones that you like. But there’s also no denying that there are some aspects of blackjack that make it special, even among other games. 

Here, we intend on highlighting some of the more appealing features of blackjack, including what makes it such a great game for everyone to play. 

Let’s Start With The Accessibility

The whole idea of the majority of casino games is that they are meant to be accessible to everyone. There are no real artificial barriers in place to stop people participating. This means that plenty of people from different walks of life can enjoy everything that these games have to offer. Blackjack is very much included in this niche. It’s a card game with such simple rules that once you’ve learnt them once, you never have to worry about learning them ever again. 

It’s so much easier to start appreciating everything that a game has to offer when you don’t have to spend countless hours just trying to learn how to play it. The rules are widely available and very memorable, but the overall gist of the game is that you’re trying to get a value in your cards as close to the number 21 but without actually exceeding it. The latter part of that statement and the dynamic nature of blackjack means that there’s always something new to expect, even if the fundamental rules very much stay the same throughout. 

Blackjack is a game designed for both the casual players as well as the professionals. It’s not uncommon at all to see some of the very best pros in the industry advocating for blackjack, having seen for themselves just how great the successes can be. 

Speaking Of Successes

Another important reason that blackjack is the preferred casino game for many is the fact that it’s just about the only game around that actually gives players a totally fair chance of winning. There are some other games that are in favour of the house – and while this doesn’t mean that you’re not going to win, it does mean that you might not win quite as often as you would with blackjack. 

In many casinos, the house edge sits at around 50%, meaning that you have just as much chance of winning with a hand as the house does. Remember, in blackjack you are playing against the house and not against other players, a common misconception; it’s actually poker you’re competing against others. 

Many people have probably heard of card counting, a technique unique to blackjack that has given a number of seasoned players a significant advantage over the years. Strategies like card counting are not nearly as popular as they once used to be, mostly because they’ve been banned in a lot of different casinos around the world. It might still be possible to use card counting here and there, but it doesn’t work if you’re playing online, and more than likely your local casino has outlawed it. 

Don’t despair, however: card counting is just one strategy of many. In fact, a casual look through a search engine and you will find dozens upon dozens of different strategies. It might be difficult to choose one that fits your play style; but we want to offer a different path toward successful strategy usage. Instead of focusing all of your energy on a single strategy, consider learning a few different ones and then using them together to build one of your own. 

There are just not that many other casino games that give you the same chances as success as blackjack, and it’s one of the many factors that have made so many people form a lifelong love of the game. 

It’s Intellectually Stimulating

Not all casino games are designed to provide any kind of intellectual stimulation. Many of them at sites like Lotus Asia are offered as little more than an enjoyable pastime. Blackjack once again stands out from the rest of the crowd thanks to the fact that it’s quite a stimulating game. 

Not only do you need to learn different strategies and apply them as necessary, but you will also need to always keep your concentration focused on the cards that you are given in your hand. One wrong move and suddenly the odds shift in favour of the house, and usually it’s a small enough mistake that you could have caught it early and turned things around. 

Similarly, to poker, there is an enormous amount of opportunity when it comes to playing the game on a professional level. There are always new strategies to try, and before long you will find that you’re accumulating more wins than losses, and as you become more and more seasoned with blackjack, the wins will really begin to rack up. If you’re looking for a new casino game to play and you’ve been somewhat on the fence, give blackjack a try. It’s just about the perfect casino game around.