The Main Signs of Termites in Your House

Are you concerned that your home may be infested with termites? Your concerns are valid.

Research shows that property owners in the United States spend more than $2 billion each year to treat termites.

Fortunately, there are several easy ways to tell whether you have termites in your home. Here’s a rundown on the top signs of termites and how you can go about getting rid of termites.

Let’s dig in!

Signs of Termites Include Stuck Windows and Doors

One of the biggest signs of termite damage is a door or window that has recently felt stuck. If your windows and doors are suddenly hard to close or open, your home may be infested with termites.

Termites usually target door frames and windows, as the wood there is simple to access and is exposed. When termites eat through wood in these areas, this might cause the frames around your doors and windows to warp. This makes it hard for you to close or open them properly.

Structural Problems

You might also notice structural issues in your home if you have a termite infestation.

For instance, your ceilings and floors might start to sag. In addition, your baseboards may begin to crumble.

Structural issues might stem from seasonal humidity changes or wood rot as well, though. So, to determine if your structural problems are the result of termites, look for wood in your home that has become damaged and contains termites.

Mud Tubes in the Home

Another sign of a termite problem is the presence of mud tubes. Termites use these tubes to safeguard themselves against the air’s dryness.

These tubes appear as narrow veins on your home’s side. They begin at the ground level and usually run toward areas featuring exposed wood.

If you discover mud tubes, break off part of it to check for active termites. You might not see any initially. If not, return to the site later and check.

If you discover termites, you should contact a pest control expert, like Green Pest Services, right away. Click for pest control information.

Droppings from Termites

Finally, termite droppings are another sign of termite problems in the home.

These droppings, called frass, look like wood shavings or dust. They are also pellet shaped. Termites produce these droppings because as they eat through your home’s wood, the termites digest it, then push the wood out.

How We Can Help with Termite Problems

Dealing with termites can unfortunately be costly. After all, property owners whose homes are infested with them must pay to treat them in addition to paying for home repairs.

However, the sooner you can spot signs of termites, the better your chances of minimizing termite damage and related costs. Consider the above-listed signs of a termite problem as you investigate your home’s situation today.

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