The Most Affordable Ways To Fence In A Yard

Fencing is one of the greatest investments you can make for your home. A fence will not only help you be safe from intruders but will also help you enhance your home’s curb appeal. The fences can be made from several elements, such as aluminum which costs from $45 to $65 per linear foot installed, or vinyl which costs from $27 to $47 per linear foot installed. However, you don’t need to worry about the prices as they can be installed affordably in your front yard and your backyard. If you want to choose cheaper options other than aluminum and vinyl, you can take a look at the below-given alternatives or contact for quotes and suggestions.

1. Treated pine

Pinewoods can be installed in a horizontal or vertical arrangement for your fencing needs. These can be chemically or pressure treated, which enables them to be resistant to rots and pests. As treated wood can twist or warp after the installation, make sure you choose wood panels that are of high quality. The wood should also not be green or damp. In short, the quality of the wood should be such that it doesn’t move from the ground once installed.

2. Chain link

The chain link fencing comprises thick steel wires. These wires are bent and hooked together. These prove to be great options if your yard is big and your budget is small. However, these fences do not appear visually appealing. This is one of their drawbacks. Therefore, to enhance their appearance, you can plant a vine, such as an ivy which will cover the fence. Painting the fences with a neutral or earth tone can also help them match your yard.

3. Full Trellis

Trellis can also be used as panels to enhance the appearance of your lawn. You can experiment with different colors to check which one suits your garden the best. However, the price of these may vary depending on their material and strength.

4. Split Rail

The Split Rail is traditionally used at a farm or ranches. Marking property becomes easier through this type of fencing. Timber logs are placed in a lengthwise manner into ‘rails’. These are then placed horizontally between the vertically stacked posts. There is an average gap of 8 to 10 inches between the rails. This is why they use fewer materials than solid alternatives. This makes them a cost-friendly alternative.

5. Potted Plants

Potted plants along your garden’s perimeter can give rise to interesting borders to your garden. You can also use DIY methods to craft different types of boxes. However, this type of fencing will not provide you with great security as it is only made to enhance your garden’s appearance.

The above-mentioned fencing techniques will help you choose the best alternative for your garden. However, before choosing an alternative, you first need to know your needs and requirements. To get the fencing done effectively, you can opt for a company that specializes in fencing in Springfield, IL.