The Most Versatile College Degrees for Future Freshmen

The transition between high school and college is a big one. It’s likely the first time you get to start making significant decisions on your own. One of the earliest and toughest choices you’ll have to make is choosing a major. If you aren’t 100% sure of your future career path, it can be beneficial to select a versatile degree. Below are several of the most adaptable areas you can study.


Those that study education often end up working as teachers. However, earning an education degree from a free online college or traditional university leaves the door open if the classroom isn’t a great fit for you. You will learn how to interpret information and present it to a group of individuals regardless of their learning style. That valuable life skill can be applied in any management position. Some individuals who earn teaching degrees also put their skills to use as tutors, guidance counselors, training coordinators, or librarians, so if you’re looking for fast degrees online that offer great versatility, education might be just what you’re looking for. 

Computer Science

In a technology-driven world, a tech-based degree is highly applicable to many career fields. Computer science teaches you useful techniques, such as programming, software design, networking, and algorithm design. Throughout your studies, you will learn to think analytically and pay attention to detail. Web design, app development, software testing, and computer programming are popular choices for graduates. Nearly every business has an online presence, so you can potentially fit in anywhere.


There is sometimes a stigma around communication degrees. The attitude is unwarranted because communication majors have many career options. You will become well-rounded with skills such as public speaking, writing, and critical thinking. Whether you elect to go on to higher education or enter the workforce, you can feel confident with your foundation. Traditional communication placement includes journalism, advertising, and public relations. However, you can also branch out into other fields such as event planning, social media coordinator, or digital content development.

Business Administration

There are dozens of business majors, and business administration is a great option for specialization. Business administration majors learn the functional building blocks for a variety of business professions. You will graduate with knowledge in accounting, law, management, and marketing. Whether you decide to become an entrepreneur or hire on with a company, you probably won’t face a job shortage. Popular fields for those with a business admin degree include finance, marketing, and management.


Even if you aren’t positive about where you want to work after college, you can still aim high with an engineering degree. You may be surprised to see how flexible your education will be. From private companies to the military and government agencies to manufacturers, many sectors are in need of engineers with a vision for design. Once you select an area, whether that be aeronautical, mechanical, nuclear, or environmental, you can work in urban planning, architecture, consulting, management, and more.

You don’t need your whole life planned out when you start your freshman year of college. Selecting a major that offers versatility will get you on your way without locking you into one career path.