The Only Checklist You Need for Rebranding Success

Rebrand your business essentially is a reinvention of everything your company stands for. For this reason, it’s important to create a rebranding checklist to make sure this project is a complete success. 

A rebranding process checklist will guide you through the steps for reimagining your company’s image. It will also keep you and your team members on task to achieve total brand synergy. In this article, you’ll learn everything there is to know about rebranding your company the right way. 

Discuss Your Company’s New Values, Vision, and Mission

One of the most important aspects of rebranding is creating a new purpose for your business. Ideally, you should tell a story about why you decided to alter your image in the first place. 

For example, if you run an accounting firm that has decided to switch its target audience from C-Suite executives to middle-class executives, you’ll need to give a convincing story for why you decided to make this change. 

If your values align with your target audience, they’ll more likely to work with you and stay loyal to your company. Therefore, work with your team to create a new set of values for your business, as well as a vision and mission statement. 

Create a Branding Package

The next phase in rebranding is creating a branding package, also known as a press kit. This is a complete inventory of all your branding materials, such as logos, fonts, colors, typography, stamps, and more. 

Creating this package is essential in keeping your branding consistent across social media, print materials, and websites. It’s best to hire a graphic designer to create a branding package and custom materials for your business.

Your branding package should build off what your existing business was all about. People who interacted with your business before should still be able to identify your brand, yet notice a chance in your image and values. 

Consider Your Competitors, Market, and Audience

It can be embarrassing to rebrand, only to have your business’ appearance look similar to your fiercest competitors. It could also be hazardous to your company if your rebrand alienates your audience and doesn’t fit the current market. 

As a result, you should make the following considerations before moving forward:

  • How is my business now different than my competitors?
  • Am I still maintaining my unique value proposition (UVP)?
  • Will my new rebrand alienate my existing client base?

Collaborate With Your Team Before Making Final Changes

If your company is undergoing branding changes, your team members should have a say in the final revisions that take place. A new brand should unite your company. 

Everyone, from your sales to your marketing team, should have a clear picture of your company’s new values and target audience to do their jobs properly. With that said, hold a meeting to discuss any final changes before you launch your new brand. 

Want More Than This Branding Checklist?

This branding checklist can help you create a new image for your business the right way. If you’re interested in purchasing a custom stamper for your new rebrand, visit our store today to browse our inventory.