The Power of Professional Video Production

We are in a digital era where videos and the internet have a significant influence on your success or failure in business. If you are not already investing in these, then you are losing the power of video marketing. Videos are, these days, an effective way of bringing visitors to your website. Moreover, now you can hire professional services to create videos for you such as the Double Jump Media.

If you are ready to give it a try but do not know where to start, get in touch with our 1 Minute Media team. We are ready, and we have everything it takes to help your harness the power of web videos for your business.

Each day, your customers, including the loyal ones, are watching tons of web videos. Imagine how much traffic that would be for your website if you had web videos for them. Undoubtedly, there is a great opportunity that exists in web videos that you should take advantage of and use to connect with your customers.

To give you a rough idea of what you are missing if you are not using web videos, here are quick, exciting statistics:

  • More than 70% of businesses that use web videos enjoy an increase in website conversion rates
  • More than 70% of all traffic on the internet comes from web videos
  • Video platforms such as Vimeo receive millions of views every day
  • More than a third of all internet users watch videos on YouTube and other platforms
  • Social media platforms such as Facebook enjoy a billion views of videos from millions of their users

Other than these stats, here are other interesting facts you should know about web videos:

  • Web videos make customers remember you
  • Web videos can help you get ahead of your competitors in the industry
  • You can show your greatest assets and technology using web videos
  • Once you record and share, web videos will market your business all day and night for quite long
  • Web videos can help you inform and educate customers

Reasons You Should Use Our 1 Minute Media Web Video Services

At 1 Minute Media, we customize our web video production services to meet your business’s needs. No one formula fits all. That’s why we take the time to analyze your business to establish which videos are a priority.

For first-time users of web videos, the first we will make is a profile video. That’s what lets customers know who you are and what your business has in store for them. For organizations, we give priority to the “What, who, when and why videos before we move to other types.

To reach out to and attract as many customers as possible in the market, we will work with you to make a couple of other web videos. These may be testimonial videos, product videos, event videos and other appropriate types of videos.

With such videos out there, you’ll be having a marketing tool that advertises your services to customers on a 24/7 basis.  

Government, NGO, & NFP Video Marketing Australia

Videos campaigns are not only useful to businesses. Even governments, Not for Profit and Non-Governmental Organizations, do need them. If you work in any of these and are looking for the best video production company that will help you deliver messages of any kind through videos, contact us for help. 

We are in a digital era where passing messages through videos is one of the most effective means. If you ever doubted, then it’s time you give a try to videos. They are time-saving, cost-saving, and can reach out to many people at once. You can, for instance, also use them to offer training or community service through live sessions effectively. Once you record them, you can share instantly with many people. 

So, if your government or non-governmental organization wants to announce noteworthy events such as education of personnel, fundraising events, launch of projects, training, and others, using videos would be the most appropriate way. As long as the videos are well-recorded, well-designed, and using exemplary illustrations, the message will get home.  

At 1 Minute Media, we have been offering video production services for governments, non-governmental organizations, and Not for Profit companies. We are glad that our work stands out, and many organizations are now partnering with us. We now have a team that takes care of the needs of the people of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.      

All our technicians are tech-savvy individuals with the best training and experience needed to do the job excellently. We can deliver even the most complex messages in a way that your target audience will find easy to understand and respond appropriately. 

You only need to tell us what you want to be included in your video. We will then put our best skills, expertise, and experience into creating engaging videos to deliver the message effectively. And that’s not all. We also do it within the appropriate time limits and without charging you exorbitantly. 

For all your Government, NGO, and NFP video production needs for whatever purpose, 1 Minute Media is your number one video producer in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, Australia.

Let our corporate video experts help you take advantage of the many benefits that web videos have for your business or organization.

Guest Post by Kathy Moran

Co-Founder, 1 Minute Media Video Production Australia