The Secret Guide To Water Truck For Sale In Texas

Are you interested in acquiring a water truck in the state of Texas? Investing in a water truck can greatly enhance your company’s efficiency while reducing expenses. Buying a water truck in Texas could be the beginning of a lucrative business venture, especially if you’ve mastered the ins and outs of the trade. Yet, before you finalize the sale, ensure you’ve considered the legal structure of your business. If a limited liability company suits your needs, it might be helpful to understand the process for a texas llc setup, as this can provide essential protections and possible tax advantages for your new enterprise. Nonetheless, there are several factors to consider before finalizing your water trucks for sale in Texas. Below you can find some valuable suggestions to help you get the finest available water truck for sale in Texas.

What is the Water Holding Capacity of Water Trucks?

The water holding capacity of a water truck for sale in Texas varies depending on its intended usage. While there is no fixed standard for water tank capacity, most water trucks have tanks that can store between 2,000 and 4,000 gallons of water. However, in the market, you can also find specialized water truck tanks designed to hold larger quantities, such as 10,000 gallons or even as much as 70,000 gallons for off-road models.

For those looking for customization options, certain manufacturers offer tank kits that the customer can easily install. These kits come in various sizes and include user-friendly mounting systems, additional components, and pre-installed hydraulics, wiring, and lighting. Additionally, some manufacturers may offer the option to have your truck tank primed and painted in a color of your choice, allowing for a personalized touch that suits your specific off-road or on-road needs.

Some Things to Consider While Buying a Heavy-Duty Water Truck

Transitioning from renting to purchasing represents a significant financial commitment, and the extensive range of water trucks available can be overwhelming. It is crucial to evaluate several important aspects when contemplating the acquisition of a water truck, whether a customized model or a stock option. Our comprehensive guide to buying a heavy-duty water truck highlights five key considerations to keep in mind:

  • Robust Foundation:

Choosing a water truck in texas with a quad-bent design tank ensures exceptional durability and sturdiness. Additionally, prioritize tanks with scalloped, interior-welded seams, as they minimize the likelihood of cracking and increase the tank’s longevity, potentially surpassing its chassis. It is also essential to opt for tanks with internal piping that is welded before installation, and they should undergo a thorough 120 psi test before leaving the manufacturing facility.

  • Durable Liner:

The thickness of the liner is a critical factor in selecting a water truck. A thicker liner, such as our industry-leading standard of 30 millimeters, provides enhanced protection against corrosion, resulting in a longer lifespan for the tank. Look for tanks blasted inside and out for a smooth finish. Additionally, ensure that the liner is suitable for potable water if you intend to transport drinking water.

  • Reliable Pump and Valves:

The pump of a water truck acts as its heart, keeping the entire system operational. To ensure smooth water flow, choose a water truck equipped with an American-made two-bearing system with a minimum 1.25″ input shaft and a 3″ diameter driveline. Opting for in-cab air-operated controls in conjunction with the pump maximizes efficiency during spraying.

  • Sturdy Hose Reel with Adequate Protection:

Preserving the integrity of the water truck’s hose is vital for its long-term performance. Look for a water truck with a rear internal hose reel housed within a protective frame, safeguarding it from the elements. Mounting the hose reel inside a frame adds an extra layer of reinforcement. Additionally, consider models that offer additional storage options, such as a storage box conveniently located for side nozzles, suction hoses, and other accessories.

  • Reliable Customer Service:

Inquire about the warranty coverage for the water supply truck and ascertain the availability of post-warranty services. Prompt access to parts and affordable equipment repairs are essential considerations. Furthermore, evaluate the manufacturer’s commitment to assisting with troubleshooting and resolving equipment issues throughout the ownership period. Seek feedback from industry peers and references to gain insight into these crucial factors.

Components of Water Trucks: Enhancing Water Haulage Efficiency

Water Tank: The water tank is a truck’s central component responsible for transporting the water. These tanks are typically positioned on the vehicle’s chassis and come in various sizes, ranging from 2,000 to 20,000 gallons for off-road models. The specific requirements and applications of the truck determine the tank’s capacity.

Rig and Controls: The rig refers to the driver’s compartment within the water truck. It houses the controls and instrumentation necessary for operating the vehicle effectively. These controls include steering mechanisms, braking systems, and acceleration features, enabling the driver to maneuver the water truck safely.

Pumping and Spraying Equipment: Water trucks are equipped with specialized pumping and spraying equipment to facilitate efficient water distribution. This equipment includes pumps that draw water from the tank and deliver it through various outlets, such as spray nozzles and hoses. The location of these outlets can vary, with options for front, back, and side sprayers, as well as hose reels, gravity dumps, or water cannons.


Water trucks provide reliable and efficient water transportation, enabling safe delivery and controlled water dispersal wherever needed. The design considerations prioritize durability, reliability, and performance to ensure that water trucks can effectively handle the challenges of their intended applications. 

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