These are the Special Care you need your car’s Matte Paint

Years ago it seemed that having a matte paint in the car was relegated to video games like Need for Speed. The brands did not offer it in their catalogs and the only sensible option was vinyl. However, in recent times it seems that they are becoming fashionable and more and more manufacturers have it among their extras. Although they are usually reserved for premium cars, you can also find some other generalist who takes it.

In Audi, BMW or Mercedes have been offering matte paint for years, but now others like Hyundai or Peugeot add to the trend. Others of the style of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin or Bentley allow a practically unlimited election that of course includes the mates. The truth is that its use often gives the vehicle an exotic and quite differentiated. But also its maintenance is different from that of normal paints.

Once the decision is made and you have a car with matte paint in the garage, you have to keep in mind that its maintenance is more delicate. Matte tones are achieved by applying a micro texture in the final phase of the painting and that manages to eliminate the brightness. But that last textured layer is also more fragile than the rest of conventional paints and will have to be taken care of from the first minute Car Detailing Gold Coast.

If scratches are usually avoided with any car, in one with matte paint there is an extra motive. And we do not mean those that can be caused by other cars or objects during the circulation (that too), but those caused by ourselves. One of the commandments is never to put it in a car wash. Cleaning by hand has to be an ally of any car with this type of paint.

The methodology has to be careful with the body, it is not advisable to use any type of cloth or brush, better with microfiber ones. As in the rest of paintings it is also better to clean a spot as soon as possible (especially insects and bird droppings) so that there is damage. This painting also does not accept any product well. For example, the wax would be totally discarded because it will damage the matte tone.

Luckily, there are currently a number of specific products that will help take care of matte paint. It is true that they are more expensive than conventional ones, but if we do not want to spend extra money there will always be water and soap recommended for cars. In the previous video you can see perfectly how to completely clean a body with matt paint, specifically a Hyundai Veloster, without damaging it a bit.

Water, soap with pH balanced, microfiber cloths, sprayer, a couple of buckets and a mop to dry are what are needed for a good cleaning. In short, the care of matte paint will not require much more expenditure than the initial, but a more methodical and delicate care. If you are one of those who do not like to waste your time washing the car, it probably is not your best option, but if you enjoy detailing and caring for the vehicle, this painting will not be a problem for you.