Things To Remember When Preparing A Letterhead Design

So you are looking for tips on how to design a letterhead? Letterheads must be designed to make sure that they look professional and stand out. You can use software like Corel Draw or Photoshop to design your letterhead. Letterheads come in different sizes; normally business people prefer the large size because it offers more space, but smaller ones will also do when there is less information that needs to be printed. Here are some things that must be taken into consideration when making a letterhead design:

1) Use High-Quality Paper When Preparing A Creative Letterhead Design

Use paper that has the right weight and feel. Make sure your white paper choice suggests your personality and company image properly. Your letterhead should also include all contact details of the recipient in case it gets separated from the letter.


2) Make Your Letterhead Design Ideas Simple And Elegant

Do not make your design too complicated that it confuses people, this makes them lose interest in what you are trying to tell or advertise. Keep your letterhead design simple and elegant so that it can be recognized easily. You can use different fonts for different sections of the letterhead; however keep in mind that some fonts may not look good when printed, so be careful when choosing a font for your letterhead. Do not select more than two colors when designing the letterhead, three colors maximum is allowed by companies printing business stationery because using too many colors will only increase the price of printing and will also overcomplicate things unnecessarily. Try to avoid using fluorescent colors.

3) Make Sure Your Letterhead Design Samples Are Well Designed

Check your letterhead for errors and mistakes; do not forget to check the spelling of the recipient’s name and company name or address. You can ask your friends or family members to check it for you if you think you may miss some mistakes, although asking someone else to do this will be a little embarrassing. If possible try to get a professional designer who will know how to design a letterhead properly and make sure that there are no errors in it.

4) Use Quality Materials When Preparing A Professional Letterhead Design

Do not use cheap papers for designing your letterheads; it will only cost more money if you have to reprint them frequently. You can also mention some color schemes that are acceptable by the professional printers you are working with, either online or offline depending upon where you plan to order these letterheads from. If needed provide them with a rough sketch of the layout for your letterheads. This way they can print properly organized designs that look professional and appealing at relatively low prices compared to what they would charge if requested to make changes later on. All this may sound difficult but becomes very easy if done right in

5) Keep Everything Simple And Succinct When Preparing A Letterhead Design

Write as much as necessary but as little as possible on your letterhead; only include those things that are important like contact details and an email address. Your name, designation, and company name should be included at the top of the letterhead. The main body of the letterhead must contain your contact details; you can use a small space to write them or make use of boxes and other designs that help in highlighting this information quickly and easily.

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6) Print Your Business Letterhead Design On High-Quality Thermal Paper

When designing a letterhead, it is important that you consider the quality of paper you will be printing on. Cheap paper tends to have a less smooth finish and shows up every crease and fold in your letter. Avoid using cheap grade thermal papers for printing your letterheads because they can cause ink smudging if not printed properly. Instead, use high-quality paper so that the edges of the letterhead do not get damaged or start peeling off after being folded or kept at odd angles for some time.

7) Have A Professional Print Your Letterhead For You

It is recommended that if you are looking for a one-off letterhead design, go to professionals who can print it for you on high-quality paper, rather than trying to do the job yourself; there is no point in wasting money and time on something which can be done more easily at very low cost by professional printers. However, if you like doing things yourself then make sure that all your letterheads are printed on a similar types of paper so that they look aesthetically pleasing when kept together. It will also help ensure that your stationery does not look cheap or unprofessional.



When it comes to preparing a letterhead design, there are a few things you want to keep in mind. Firstly, the design should be simple and easy to read, with minimal clutter. Secondly, make sure the colors you choose complement your company’s branding. Finally, make sure all of your contact information is included on the letterhead. By following these tips, you can create a professional and polished letterhead that will help represent your business in a positive light.