Thoughtful Corporate Gift Ideas

A surprising new study found that more than 50% of people that receive gifts from upper management end up throwing them away.

Corporate gifts often aren’t what they used to be. A pizza party or mugs with the company logo will no longer cut it. If you’re searching for employee gift ideas, take time to find the best items to invest in. 

Read below to discover which corporate gift will show staff that you care and appreciate all their hard work! 

Dinner Covered by Corporate

If you don’t know what to get your staff at the end or start of the year, dinner is always a safe option.

Whether you get customized dinner boxes or plan a company outing, food will keep everyone happy. The holidays are a time to visit family and loved ones, and many people are stuck eating on the road. Covering dinner expenses for a night can relieve families and expose them to some delicious food!


One of the best corporate gift ideas to offer is half-days.

You can set guidelines to prevent staff from taking half-days during peak times, but your staff will love the gift. Time is one of the most irreplaceable things, and this could offer them more chances to spend with family. When your staff has time to rest, have fun, and focus on health, they are much happier to come to work. 

Everyone wins when you offer half-day employee gifts! 

Custom Awards 

Corporate gifts offer a great opportunity to recognize each employee’s success. 

With customized awards and plaques, you can honor staff with professional and classy gifts. If you’re imagining the glorious “Dundies” awards from the hit TV show The Office, this is a perfect option. Handing out awards in front of the team will make staff feel special, and who doesn’t love a good celebration? 

You can find corporate awards sold here and put names, titles, and icons to make each one special. 


If you’re all about practical gifts, noise-canceling headphones should be at the top of your list.

Noise-canceling headphones can get used in the office, at home, or while the staff is commuting to work. As long as the communication doesn’t suffer, these headphones can help keep everyone focused and calm. 

When the office gets loud, staff struggle to focus, and some get overwhelmed. This can prevent discomfort and ensure a peaceful office. 

Mug & Warmer

Plain coffee mugs with your company logo will likely get tossed in the trash, but you can still upgrade this gift idea.

Smart coffee warmers are a great gift for teams since they can hold coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. What makes this gift so valuable is that staff can keep their coffees warm at their desk, without having to visit the microwave. 

Don’t Let Your Corporate Gift Fall in the Trash

Picking out gifts for employees can be a challenge since each person has something unique to offer. 

Finding a genuine corporate gift, like paid time off, will show staff that you care about them. Instead of handing out mugs, sanitizers, or turkeys, treat your team to something special to start the new year strong. 

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