Tips for Driving Safely Near Roadway Construction Areas

Roadway construction areas are hazardous for maintenance employees as well as drivers driving on the road. It is responsible for the deaths of many people, especially motorists on the road. If you are a construction site accident victim, make sure to contact a lawyer for legal help. Attorneys from Freeburg Law highly follow their motto of Our Strength, Your Results. Follow these steps to ensure your safety while driving around those areas.

  1. Stay attentive while driving.

It is crucial to be focused entirely on the road while driving. Make sure to look for orange warning signs indicating construction work sites. They are in the shape of a diamond and help to warn drivers about the road conditions ahead. If you are near a construction site, reduce your speed accordingly and drive carefully. Look out for any hurdles like machinery, equipment, or workers obstructing your way. 

  1. Drive at a slower speed

Most roadways under construction have a speed limit of 55 miles\hr, but try to reduce your speed when you are near the site.  Check for construction site symbols so that you can lower your speed timely.  This helps in increasing the reaction time so that you can prevent an accident from taking place. Along with that, it also allows you to save money as speeding tickets are double the price around construction areas. Make sure to drive slowly to avoid getting penalized. 

  1. Follow the signs

In construction areas, traffic rerouting is common. Orange-colored cones and barrels are used to direct traffic flow on these roads. A flagger serves as an indicator for direction or stoppage. If a flagger is present near the area, make sure to give it the most preference. Try to drive far away from the flagger. 

  1. Do not use anything that can distract you.

Avoid talking on your phone or texting while driving. Your undivided attention must be on the road to avoid any mishaps. Do not engage in acts like eating, drinking, or sleeping while driving. 

  1. Stay aware of the activities of other motorists on the road. 

Make sure to anticipate the actions of other drivers if you are on a route with a construction site. Other drivers may take abrupt brakes or lower their speeds, so make sure you are prepared to react swiftly. It is crucial to keep an eye on the activities of other drivers, the workers, and their pieces of machinery on the path.