Tips on Choosing Patio Furniture Covers That Extend the Lifespan of the Furniture the Most

When you have taken the effort and spent a substantial amount of money buying patio furniture, it is but natural that you would want them to be properly protected during the long months when they will not be used. Some tips on choosing the best covers for your patio furniture.

What Is Furniture Covers and Why Do You Need Them?

The ideal covers will not only protect the furniture from the effect of rain, snow, and high levels of humidity but also from the harsh rays of the sunshine that can cause colors to fade, high winds carrying dust and debris that can very easily ruin your outdoor furniture. Outdoor furniture covers also serve to protect against the impact of morning dew or pollen.

Important Considerations to Keep in Mind While Buying Outdoor Furniture Covers

Get the dimensions right: It is best to buy patio furniture covers that fit the furniture properly for the best protection. If you cannot get covers from the manufacturers of the furniture, you should measure all the three dimensions of each piece and order accordingly. Furniture covers that are too big tend to trap dirt and water at the base and also fly off due to strong winds while covers that are too small will not fit or cover the furniture adequately.

Ensure adequate water-resistance: Since the biggest enemy of outdoor furniture is moisture, the covers you buy should either be completely waterproof, in which case they should have vents for the water vapor to escape or made from water-resistant fabrics that allow the furniture to breathe. In any case, the material should be heavy-duty so that it can withstand the rains and not start leaking. Beware of cheap vinyl covers because they tend to become brittle and develop cracks after some time. According to, the latest covers are not only waterproof but also UV-treated not become faded or brittle due to sunshine.

Ensure that the covers have soft lining: While you will want the covers to be robust and durable, you will also not want your furniture to be scratched while putting them on or removing them. A soft lining material on the inside can easily prevent this from happening and is especially important if the furniture is painted or made out of stained wood that is prone to scratches.

Make sure that the covers have proper securing systems: If the furniture is exposed to gusting winds or stormy weather, they can easily blow away if you do not secure them to the furniture. This can expose your outdoor furniture to the elements causing significant damage due to moisture and flying debris. When you buy furniture covers, you should make sure that there are proper tie-downs provided so that the covers can be secured to the legs of the base of the furniture preventing them from being blown away.

Conclusion  By taking a little care when buying covers for your outdoor furniture, you can ensure that they remain in good condition for years of enjoyment. Your initial investment will ensure that you do not need to repair or replace expensive patio furniture every few years.