Tips on Communicating with an Older Girl – And Seducing her

So you are thinking of seducing or at least landing a date with an older girl? It is not as difficult as some make it seem. Older girls have their lives paved out in front of them. Their desires, needs, and wants are laid out fully. Older girls need someone who is self-sustaining and doesn’t need a mother figure.

To put it into perspective, older girls require honesty above all else. You need to be honest with yourself first, before approaching them. Self-awareness is important for any man seeking a date with an older woman. Seeking beautiful Russian brides will get you the finest ladies Europe has to offer. It will also introduce you to challenges you never knew existed. These challenges are easy to overcome though.

Dress the Part

Before diving into the nitty-gritty of communicating with older women, examine what it takes to create good first impressions. You need to dress well, meaning no beach shorts, slacks, or vests. Even if you are a handyman, trying to impress her by showing up overall doesn’t work. Take time to practice proper grooming too. It means cleaning up by shaving, showering, and keeping fit.

Older girls have seen it all while dating boys in high school and college. If you are still a college kid or are recently graduated, chances are you need to level up. Switching your thinking will help you land in her good books quickly.

Talks – Contexts and topics

Discussions should change from what you normally share with younger girls or other women. With older girls, consider sharing more about what you’re learning daily. It could be new experiences and possibly career growth. Ask her questions about her career path and what she hopes to achieve soon. The best questions are aimed at her upbringing and how she got where she is now. Take time to listen more than talk. Older women love and adore listeners more than talkers.

During video calls, voice calls and texts, focus on the following formats for communication.

  • Share videos concerning real-life situations, including you looking dapper in official wear. Avoid sharing nudes and other lewd content unless solicited.
  • When having a live stream, ensure that your surroundings are clean because she will judge you by them. If you talk of being a professional and perhaps even affluent, try to have a background representative of that.
  • Have confidence and resonate in your speech. It takes a little hesitation and too many ‘uh’ for her to find you boring. If you cannot get the right words to come out, change the topic or schedule another meeting.
  • Do not under any circumstances sound weak. If you are strong physically it might be worse to sound weak-minded. It takes a lot to keep an older girl happy, especially in the spiritual sense. Therefore, stay strong spiritually and exude confidence in the self always.
  • Dating older women should not be daunting if you are aware of her needs. Try investigating her desires before the first date. After that, any discussion on or offline can be geared in that direction; by you. A little goes a long way in cementing your chances of securing more dates with a mature woman.

Bottom Line

There is always room for a younger man in a grownup girl’s life. The key is to know what she desires, wants, and needs too. Knowing her background helps a great deal in avoiding useless behaviors or indeed, breaking her heart. Always keep in mind she is likely to have men her age, or older, who are after her. What do you bring to the table as a younger man?