Tips On How To Make Your Event Stand Out.

If you’re holding an event for your business, whether that’s for networking purposes or to promote, making sure that you create a talking point around your brand, as well as attracting attention from new, potential customers is essential. Making sure your event stands out from the rest means you can promote to a wide range of people and create a lasting impression on visitors. There are so many ways that you can give your event the edge over others, from the use of inflatable arches, and promotional giveaways to the colours and imagery that you choose. If you’re looking for ways to make your event unique, read on. 

Giant inflatables 

What better way for your event to stand out than to add giant inflatables? These inflatables come in all different shapes, sizes, and colours. You can hire them, or even create your own bespoke inflatable to match your brand. They are a great way to attract attention and promote your business. Inflatable rental software is the most effective strategy to expand your inflatables business. Your inflatables can even offer an interactive element – inflatable buildings can house games or presentations, perfect for your customers to find out more about you! Inflatable arches can also be used so that you can be identified in a crowded environment with ease. 

Engagement and social media 

Another way to ensure your event stands out from the rest is to use engagement to your advantage. Everyone is on social media these days, so getting visitors at your event to share information about your brand will be great for expanding your reach and helping you to gain followers. You can do this by adding a sharable element to your event, you could use screens to show tweets that visitors are posting about your brand, or introduce an element like a giant inflatable, or an exciting booth or stand that customers won’t be able to walk past without taking a photo. Encourage people to tag your brand and use hashtags. 


When it comes to making your event stand out, giveaways can create excitement and attract attention. Everyone loves a freebie – promoting a stand at your event that has free promotional gifts like goody bags or sweets is a good way of attracting customers and leaving a lasting impression. Freebies are often highly visual, so may even encourage your visitors to share on social media too! You could promote a high-value giveaway, especially if you’re launching a new product at this event. You could get your visitors to enter this giveaway and reveal the winner at the event. 


Branding at your event is so important. Choosing colours, imagery and designs that represent your business or company is key to ensuring people know who you are and can identify you immediately. When you’re designing your event, your colours and imagery should be front and centre – put your stamp on it and make it stand out. You can add things like graphic displays, pop-ups, banners, product displays and demos to interact with customers and create an informative, fun experience. Aside from the color selection and other practicalities stated above, many events overlook the importance of making your event more inclusive. Internationals may attend your event, and having the necessary translation equipment can make life simpler for everyone who does not understand the language used in the event.


Adding an interactive element to your event allows your visitors and potential customers to be hands-on and immerse themselves in all that your brand has to offer. You can do this by using a product demo to get people involved or engage with your visitors with a quiz or game. Immersing your customers in your brand allows them to feel involved, it lets them experience what your company is all about and provides them with an experience that will stick with them when they go home. They are also more likely to tell their friends or family about their experience, which means positive word of mouth for your brand.