Tips to make your small kitchen more stylish than ever

Most people prefer a large kitchen because it offers more freedom to cook, move, and decorate. However, not all apartments have a big kitchen space and there’s nothing wrong with it. In fact, tiny kitchens look super classy and organized with minimum effort. Let’s explore some stylish design plans to maximize a tight cooking zone.

Open shelves

Although the upper cabinets hold plenty of items, they’re a bit old-fashioned. Also, they don’t work for too high ceilings. You can replace them with floating open shelves, which look incredible on walls. They’re easy to reach, organize and clean as well. Homeowners can show off their antique pieces or decorative dishware on these selves. In addition to that, such structures provide a bright and open feel to any tight room.

Base cabinets

The key secret of a neat and tidy kitchen is enough storage units. If floating selves fail to contain all kitchen essentials, you can install slimline base cabinets. They are usually more spacious than open selves, low-maintenance, customizable, and convenient to use. You can hide all old utensils, faded accessories, and items that do not go well with the existing style.

Small-size appliances

Big ovens, fridges, toasters, air fryers, dishwashers, and other devices might look odd and occupy a large area.

So, you can opt for high-quality small to medium-sized gadgets to match the vibe of the kitchen. Like the Thor 48 Range boasts a spacious oven with multiple cooking modes, including convection baking and roasting, ensuring that every dish is cooked to perfection. These types of appliances save space and do multi tasking.

Perfect countertop

When it comes to choosing a worktop for your kitchen, there are plenty of options to consider. The right worktop should not only be functional and durable, but also complement the overall design and style of your kitchen. Popular choices include granite, quartz, wood, and laminate, each with their own unique features and benefits. It’s important to do your research and choose a worktop that best suits your needs and aesthetic preferences.

Kitchen island

Owning a kitchen island can boost your work speed as you can use it from all sides. It’s a must-have upgrade if your countertop is too narrow to work. You can use it as a food-cutting area, cleaning zone, cooking zone, or even storage. They come in unlimited shades and designs that look perfect with almost all interior themes. Plus, they create a focal point, making everything well-blended. 

Custom touch

One can take colour, layout, shape, and decoration inspirations from anywhere and modify design elements as per their taste. It’s smart to sketch the entire plan on paper first. Then, you can visualize how the place will look after remodelling and spot the shortcomings quickly. Try to add custom hardware, fixtures, lights, and accessories because they are unique and reflect the owner’s personality.  Kitchen remodelers can add a truly unique touch to your kitchen by crafting custom kitchen cabinets via OPPEIN Cabinetry. With personalized kitchen cabinets created for you, no other kitchen will look quite like yours. Kitchen cabinet experts in Sacramento are experienced in creating customized kitchens that will accommodate all of your kitchen storage needs while also providing an aesthetic boost to the entire space. 

Light colours

Bold colours absorb light easily and visually scale down a home. So, they’re a big no for narrow kitchens. However, feel free to experiment with these shades if you can arrange sufficient lighting inside. Warm white, light blue, stale blue, pale green, soft yellow, off-white, neutrals, and muted paints help to form an open atmosphere. Since they have a superior light-reflecting tendency, the kitchen will appear brighter. 

Geometric patterns

Having different geometric shapes in the interior has become popular nowadays. They can elevate the appearance of a simple house to some degree. Hexagonal backsplash, patterned floor tiles, round/ multi-edge pendants, and geometric wall art are a few trendy suggestions. Remember one thing while playing with shapes: keep them limited. Using too many patterns might turn the kitchen into a weird mess. 

Floor space

Keeping numerous items on the floor consumes floor space and makes moving difficult for us. Hence, we should shift them inside storage units as much as possible. Let’s talk about the flooring. Large tiles with fewer grout lines can deliver the illusion of a broader room. Porcelain tile will be an ideal tile material due to its less porous structure and reflective coating.