Tire Sealants: – The Definite Solution for Heavy Duty Tires!

Tire sealants’ are the hero of the industries where heavy-duty tires are used. Off-road tires need to be robust and this is why tire sealants are invented. The revolutionary sealant gel makes sure that the tire is completely sealed. Your tire becomes self-sealing once this gel is poured inside the tire. The best part of this gel is safe and environmentally friendly creating a sealing inside the tire casing. This seal can stay active for many years. It seals, cools, and repairs punctures on its own. Heavy Duty Tire Sealant is an extended technology that is designed for off-road vehicles. These vehicles need extra protection. They have to travel on the worst roads and in extreme conditions.

This gel is used in heavy-duty vehicles used in mining, scrappers, skid steers, graders, construction companies, quarries, etc. In these areas, missions are very critical, and maximum protection is required for everyone’s safety.  Untreated tires are a huge threat and this is why every vehicle which is to be used in the heavy-duty industry is protected with a sealant first. The sealant protects nuts from rusting which makes mounting and demounting of tires fast. There is less wear and tire tires and they perform 25% more than their average life.


There are corrosion inhibitors present in the gel that puts no harm on wheel and tires

  • It can repair small leaks  on its keeping tires protected
  • Once applied it can last  till the tire lasts
  • The sealant can seal multiple times during its life
  • It can be easily removed leaving no residue
  • It can expand the life of the tire by up to 25%
  • Can perform in the extreme weather conditions
  • Can reduce downtime that is caused due to  tire failure

Why does your tire need it?

The tire sealant is an added safety when you are working with heavy machinery that travels on rough roads.  The sealant can immediately repair the puncture. This is what you exactly need when you are not willing to stop in the middle of the working day.  When the puncture is instantly repaired your tire is not going to go flat keeping everyone in the vehicle safe. There are tons of loads on heavy-duty vehicles and it is dangerous if a tire puncture with no Tire Sealer blows away.  It can reduce the wear a tire has to face. If there is no sealant on the tires it is going to put a seventh percent more damage. When there is sealant present the tire does not rot from the inside or gets cracked.

The most important benefit of having a sealant is peace of mind. It is an investment for the long life of the driver as well as the tire. It protects tires from all the threats like rocks, nails, glass, metal, and debris to get inside the tire. It stops inflation loss which is very common when you are diving. It can happen anytime and anywhere. This is why you need extra protection and guarantee.

What’s the hype?

Many advise that one should not use a Heavy Duty Tire Sealant. When there is a fleet to run this can be confusing. You wish to have well for your fleet tires but you even have second thoughts.  Well, here is the solution. Answer these questions

  • What will happen if one of your trucks stops in the middle of the road due to a tire puncture?
  • Imagine the bill of expenses on the road repairs
  • Delayed services
  • No replacement available
  • Can even block the entire traffic

Now imagine all these problems and solutions. New tires already have sealants’ so you do not have to worry. Just ask for the vehicle with tires having the best sealants pre-filled. If not, people are offering guaranteed protection. They have the best sealants and services. You can visit them and get your tires protected. There are different types of sealants available so the choice is all yours. You just have to find the right sealant providers. The quality of the sealant is the most important thing you have to consider. It is a wise decision to give extra protection to the tires. There are many benefits with very little effort and cost.

Any issues?

There is one universal issue with using Tire Sealer purchasing and installing. It takes time and if a refill is required then the pre-processing inspection is required. This increases the shop labor and your cost. To make a permanent patch the sealant needs to be completely removed first. These are some issues that you will have to face.  All the problems can be prevented if you use high-quality sealants.  The best ones can be removed by using water; they have corrosion inhibitors-like properties. Best sealants are available with the best suppliers like Permashield. They have guaranteed solutions for your heavy duty machines and fleet.