Top 10 Selenium Certifications

Selenium is a free (open-source) automated testing framework and open-source tool used to validate web applications across different browsers and platforms. You can use multiple programming languages like Java, C#Pythonetc to create Selenium Test Scripts. Selenium is one of the lead technologies in test automation and automated testing and allows developers to embark on new releases faster. Now let’s have a look at major selenium certifications that are available in the market to enhance your skills and let you stand apart from others.


Edureka is a very well known company when it comes to online education marketplaces on the internet. The selenium certification covers Selenium WebDriver, Selenium grid, IDE, handling frames, Alerts and modal dialogue box. They also provide hands-on experience on all the popular selenium frameworks like data-driven, keyword and hybrid frameworks.

Benefits of the Edureka program:-

  • Testers certified with Edureka certification are already working in popular MNCs.
  • Each class taken is followed by practical assignments.
  • Community support for all your future doubts.
  • Lifetime access to all the learning material.
  • Ticket based help desk to resolve all the student’s technical queries.

 After completing the Edureka Selenium course, a sample certificate like given in the below image will be rewarded to you


This course will start from the basics and make you an expert in Selenium. It will cover all the testing frameworks related to web applications and also popular functionality like TDD, jacoco, TestNG and Sikuli. Students will get access to work on real-life projects and will be provided with a selenium certification at the end.

Benefits of the Intellipaat program are:-

  • Students can schedule the classes according to their availability.
  • Job assistance once a student completes the course.
  • Project work & Exercises of 72 hours long duration.
  • Lifetime Support and access 24*7.
  • 45 hours of self-paced videos and instructor-led training.

 After completing the Intellipaat Selenium course, a sample certificate like given in the below image will be rewarded to you


LambdaTest is a testing tool that offers a wide variety of cross browsers and its versions to test your application on multiple browsers simultaneously. Apart from offering cross-browser testing features it also has a lot of certifications to enhance one’s skill. One of the famous certifications is based on the Selenium test automation tool known as Selenium 101.  This certification can be taken by anyone who wants to learn Selenium and take their career forward in it. Few pointers need to be considered before giving the examination:-

  • Efficient test code writing skills are required.
  • Knowledge and hands-on of implementing Unit testing and UI automation on websites using selenium and different frameworks.
  • Automating different web Applications for various possible test scenarios.
  • Implement mobile browser testing on both Android and IOS operating systems.
  • Performing cross-browser testing parallelly on Cloud Selenium grid.

The exam will be taken in two rounds, Round 1 and 2. Round 1 will have 40MCQs which needs to be done in 45minutes of duration. In round 2 assignment will be given to each student.

For clearing the certification equal weightage will be given to both rounds. The minimum score needed to earn the certification is 70%. The main highlight is that the price is absolutely free for the certification.

Few instructions need to be followed before submitting the assigned assessment:-

  • You should have a Github Repository.
  • .gitpod.yml file should be configured on it.
  • Submit your assignment via Gitpod.
  • The duration in which the assignment can be submitted is 36hours.
  • Make sure all the network logs., video recording, screenshots and console log are enabled through the desired capabilities generator.
  • To ensure tests are working fine on cross browsers, run the test on LambdaTest cloud selenium grid parallelly 
  • Submit the final Test IDs once it is done.
  • Make sure your GitHub repository is private and then share it with ‘LambdaTest Certification’ or 

You can find all the learning material to cover the content on the below websites & links

  • LambdaTest Support Docs For Automation
  • Selenium Tutorial For Beginners (Guru99)
  • Selenium Tutorials With Real Examples (Software Testing)
  • Testing With Selenium WebDriver (Edureka)
  • Some Basic And Advanced Concepts Of Selenium (JavaTpoint)
  • Selenium Tutorial – WebDriver Basics (ToolsQA)
  • Tutorials for Beginners and advanced users (Selenium Easy)

 After completing the LambdaTest Selenium course, a sample certificate like given in the below image will be rewarded to you

If you still have any queries you can directly reach out to the LambdaTest community


It is one of the leading certification and training providers. They have also collaborated with companies to provide real-time training and coaching that can help students achieve their career target. With their Automation test Engineer program they will be briefing students with various skills like Selenium, Git, Jenkins and Jmeter. Students can apply these skills in their projects to enhance the whole software development process and to build a robust automation testing framework.

The benefits of the certifications are given below:-

  • The Job Assistance program would be there once completing the course.
  • Teaching assistance for 360 hours.
  • 1 hands-on Industry aligned project.
  • A program covering 15+ in-demand tools of the industry.
  • Resume and interview preparation. 
  • Career counselling as well if required for any enrolled student.

 After completing the SimpliLearn course, a sample certificate like given in the below image will be rewarded to you

CP-SAT – Certified Professional Selenium Automation Testing

This certification is recommended to all the professionals who want to learn the objectives on the CPSAT website and on the Agile testing Alliance website. It is known to be a globally accepted certification exam covering practical assessments. This exam can be taken in three different languages (Java, C#, Python) giving a chance to each individual who is skilled in these languages. It is not just limited to testers but can be taken by anyone who wants to learn “Practical concepts of Testing” and not only theoretical concepts.

Certification preparation is available in two different formats with different features

  • Free Courses
  • Paid Courses

Of course, a paid certification course will have more advantages like lifetime access to all the videos, direct interaction with instructors via Q&A and message portal.

The course will take you from the Selenium history, IDE, frameworks and how to run selenium tests in your projects CI/CD environment.

 After completing the CP-SAT selenium course, a sample certificate like given in the below image will be rewarded to you


This certification course is designed to provide a total practical training course designed for professionals who need total knowledge on design, implementation and maintaining the automated testing framework using selenium key features. Participants in the certification will learn about factors to consider when deciding to automate testing as well as major techniques for navigating and interacting with GUI elements, logging, reporting etc.

To add this certification to your list it is good to attend a training course with an already certified A4Q selenium tester foundation course training provider. The training provider can guide him with all the relevant topics and also provide hands-on practical learning. Students can prefer to opt for the self-study option as well and can directly sit for the examination once they’re ready.

The benefits of the certifications are given below:-

  • You’ll be a holder of an internationally recognised certificate.
  • This will be a stepping stone for undertaking advanced level certifications.
  • Gain knowledge of Selenium concepts to build a maintainable test automation framework.
  • Knowledge to choose and implement correct test automation tools would be a plus.

 After completing the A4Q Selenium Tester Foundation course, a sample certificate like given in the below image will be rewarded to you


This certification course will help you in learning and creating extremely reliable automation tests with Selenium WebDriver. Everything from scratch would be covered. Skills to maintain a test automation framework with features like browser factory, page object model and selenium grid will be an added advantage.

Step by step approach is followed to help you in clearing the basics and then moving to real-world examples so that effective tests can be written once the course and certification are completed. It is essential to have knowledge of Java and javascript before appearing for this certification.  Major topics like Selenium WebDriver, Advanced web driver, Test design consideration, Selenium grid, Integrating other tools with Selenium would be covered in it.

The benefits of the certifications are given below:

  • You’ll become a successful Automation tester after achieving this certification.
  • Selenium professionals are very much in demand these days so it will boost your career track and help you in getting new opportunities.

 After completing the vSkills Selenium course, a sample certificate like given in the below image will be rewarded to you

TOOLSQA Instructor-Led Online Selenium Certification Training

ToolsQA is a famous website which most of the testing community is aware of. It offers learning material of various testing tools and technologies. You will master concepts like Selenium Commands, XPath Strategies, Waits, IFrames, Alerts, Windows in Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, Log4J, Apache POI, Framework Designing and many more. You’ll gain a lot of confidence after successful completion of the course also it will serve as a gateway towards your automation career. Course structure and content is designed by industry experts.

The course is divided into the following sections:-

  • It will have 8 modules.
  • 32+ hours of live classes will be provided to the participants.
  • 100+ assignment hours provided to the participants.
  • HandsOn experience on a live project.
  • For everyone’s ease weekend classes are provided as well.


At whizdom training different types of online training courses in automation testing is provided by industry experts. They offer live sessions as well as pre-recorded videos. Various certification courses offered by them are:-

  • Selenium with Java
  • Appium
  • Jmeter
  • SoapUI
  • Selenium with c# and many more

But as of now, we will focus on their Selenium certification course which is offered in two categories:-

  • Selenium course completion certification- You’ll receive this certification once you opt for selenium videos or online selenium training.
  • Certified Selenium Automation Tester- You get this certification if you clear their certification exam.

With this certification course, you will be given a lot of exercises, quizzes and multiple-choice questions which can help you learn in-depth concepts. As we know java is a prerequisite so if you are well versed with it, the training will be easier for you to learn selenium and implement it in the projects. They have made the process simpler by introducing exercises and quizzes which can help you learn faster.

ISTQB SeU- Certified Selenium Engineer(CSE)

It is a practitioner level course for testers who are involved in web test automation. By clearing this certification you will cover selenium as a browser, automation library from the basics and includes coverage of advanced concepts such as page object design, page object model, TestNG listeners etc. The course is designed for people who are mainly into automation testing and want to switch their career from manual to automation. Anyone who is new to selenium or has a basic knowledge of Selenium can start with this course to enhance their skills further in this field. Below are the certification guidelines provided by ISTQB:-

  • 40 multiple choice questions would be there.
  • Duration of 60 minutes.
  • No negative marking will be included.
  • Both online and offline mode would be there for giving the exam.
  • A minimum passing percentage will be 65.

Which one’s your favourite?

Let us know how you feel after reading the above blog. Your feedback and suggestions are most welcome. Also please let us know in the comments section below, if you have enrolled in any of the above courses or training and which one would you think is the best so that it can help others to choose the right one amongst all. As there are numerous repositories of Selenium in GitHub, gaining a certification in it will kick start anyone’s career in Testing and hence we look forward to your valuable comments.