Top 10 Yummy Eggless Cake To Order Online For Vegan Lovers

Online cake shops are famous for making cakes with unique designs and delicious flavours catering to everyone’s taste buds. Since vegetarian people avoid eating egg cakes, that’s why online shops are making top eggless cakes that are not only yummy but also visually stunning. In this article, we have compiled the top 10 yummy cakes for vegan lovers that can be ordered for any special occasion or just to treat your taste buds. So, let’s take a look at some popular yummy cakes that can be ordered online.

1] Eggless Red Velvet Fruit Cake

Eggless red velvet fruit cake can be the perfect option for vegan lovers. The round-shaped cake with red velvet flavour can charm anyone, and the fruits on the top of the cake can give a mouth-watering feel to a vegan lover. Whether it’s a birthday or anniversary, or just a random gathering, this cake will be a treat for everyone at the party.

2] Chocolaty Jems Eggless Cake

Chocolaty Jem eggless cake is not only visually awesome but also irresistibly delicious, and it is a perfect treat for eggless lovers. The round-shaped cake comes with chocolate flavour, and the top is decorated with chocolaty whipped cream giving the borders on the top a floral look. Also, beautiful Jems pasted on the sides and beautifully placed on the top give the cake a spectacular look.

3] Butterscotch Delight Eggless Cake

This delicious cake is made with butterscotch and caramel flavours and glazed with chocolate. Also, the top of the cake is decorated with white chocolate bars and a cherry. You can easily order Butterscotch Delight eggless Cake by FlowerAura to surprise your vegan lover, friend or family member. Getting such cake delivery from online bakers assures you of having fresh bites of amazing sweetness. 

4] Chocolate Truffle Cake Eggless

Chocolate truffle cake eggless is a treat for chocolate and vegan lovers. The cake is made with rich chocolate flavours and also decorated with creamy chocolate whipped cream. The flower design is made all around the cake as well as on the top giving the cake a dazzling look. Order this cake online for any occasion and fill the celebration with extra joy and happiness.

5] Vanilla Heaps Eggless Cake

Make the celebration memorable with Vanilla heaps of eggless cake. Whether it’s a birthday or an anniversary, this cake is sure to serve everyone’s taste buds. The round-shaped eggless cake is made with vanilla flavour that is covered in white whipped cream and topped with vanilla heaps. The molten chocolates dripping all around from the top give the cake a gorgeous look.

6] Eggless Poster Cake

Eggless poster cake can enhance the celebration and impress everyone at the party. The round-shaped cake can be made with your preferred flavour, and it is decorated with chocolate flowers on the sides. The top of the cake can be personalized with an edible poster so that you get a chance to add a special wish for your loved ones.

7] Iconic Strawberry Cake Eggless

Iconic strawberry cake eggless can be the perfect cake for vegans and strawberry lovers. The cake is made with strawberry flavour and topped with floral design all around that is made with strawberry syrup and fresh cream. Order this cake online and impress your vegan lover, friend or special someone.

8] Eggless Heart Shape Black Forest Cake

This eggless heart shapes black forest cake is truly eye-catching for any occasion and utterly delicious that can satisfy anyone’s taste buds. The cake is made with a classic black forest flavour and adorned with chocolate shavings and cherries on the top giving the cake a spectacular look. The makers should be praised for making such a beautiful cake, especially for vegan lovers.

9] Eggless Heart Cake

Eggless heart cake can be an attention grabber on any occasion, especially for vegan lovers who will be in awe of seeing such a beautiful eggless cake. The heart-shaped cake is made in red velvet flavour that is not only utterly delicious but also scintillating in look. The online cake order in Gurgaon and other nearby areas for this eggless heart cake is high in demand, especially for anniversary celebrations, as the heart shape with red colour can charm anyone.

10] Eggless Hearty White Velvety Pinata Cake

Eggless hearty white velvety pinata cake can be perfect for special occasions as this cake is surely an attention grabber. The cake is made with white chocolates on the outside that you get to smash with a hammer, and inside, you will get a delicious red velvet cake with red velvet crumbs all around.


With a variety of eggless cakes available online, the celebration of any special occasion has become easy for vegan lovers. For your convenience, we have suggested the top 10 eggless cakes that are not only yummy but also awesome in look. From eggless red velvet fruit cake to eggless hearty white velvety pinata cake, there are many options for you that can satisfy the taste buds of your vegan lover, friend or family member. So, order any of the suggested options, along with many others that are available online and delivered to your doorstep.