Top 11 Home Service Business Ideas

Did you know that more than 70% of employees in the United States don’t enjoy working from 9 to 5 in the office? 

Working in the office can make life seem repetitive and it might hinder your time with your family. 

If you want to have a better work-life balance, you should consider what a home service business can do for you. 

Continue reading to discover some of the best home service business ideas that will help you make money and follow your passions! 

1. Personal Chef

A fun and unique home service business is to become a personal chef.

Chefs don’t just work at restaurants, they can also find private jobs to help support families. If you enjoy cooking and people tend to like what you put on their plates, you should start looking for clients that would pay you for your food. 

Depending on the clients, they will likely want you to have some sort of experience or certification in cooking. Food handling safety is important to understand and you’ll also need to learn about each home’s diet. 

This is a fun job that can help you explore your creativity and inspire others. Around 80% of families in the United States eat and prepare their food at home. Becoming a personal chef will help increase this number and give parents a chance to relax! 

Don’t be afraid to work with foods and diets you aren’t typically used to. Learning new cuisines can improve your palette and help you become a better chef. Try to work with fresh ingredients to keep clients happy and full. 

2. Garden Services

If you enjoy being outside and taking care of plants, you can offer your services to others.

Most people discover that they don’t have the time or energy to maintain their gardens. This can be frustrating since gardens are a wonderful addition to a home and can supply families with fresh ingredients. If you have a green thumb and people are constantly complimenting you on your yard, you should think about helping people in the community.

You can have clients pay for your services to plant, revive, or maintain a garden. Although this is a relaxing job, in most places, it won’t last all year. If you live in a climate that freezes in the winter, you might have to find alternative ways to make money. 

The best part about opening a garden services business is that your work will advertise for you. Without having to post pictures online, people will see the results of your gardening and increase your chances of growing. 

3. Tutoring & Homeschooling

Finding profitable home service business ideas can be challenging in a world with so many options.

As more people question their children’s safety and education in public schools, tutoring jobs increase. Whether you want to become a teacher one day or just want to help children learn, this is a rewarding career that won’t involve a lot of money to invest.

Since many parents are beginning to homeschool their children, they are realized that they need help during the week. You can assist parents with homeschooling by guiding the children along with their lessons and overseeing their work. 

It’s important to note that helping with homeschooling shouldn’t feel like you are a babysitter. The focus of your work should be on teaching lessons rather than babysitting.  Think about subjects that you did well in school and that you think you are knowledgeable in. 

4. HVAC Technician 

Becoming a residential HVAC technician can help you make a living and have a work-life balance. 

As an HVAC technician, you will help maintain and repair ventilation units at people’s homes. This is a particularly important job in the summer and winter months since the temperature can become so extreme. You will need to get certified to learn about the electrical and mechanical aspects of the job.

Other responsibilities for this career include cleaning units, adjusting hardware, and warranty services. Since math is a major component of the job, you’ll need to freshen up your skills and get familiar with formulas and computers. 

This is a wonderful job if you don’t enjoy working with large groups, especially since most jobs can get completed independently. 

5. Interior Decorating 

If you want to become a small business owner and have a passion for home decor, you should consider the interior design. 

Interior decorators go from house to house, fixing the aesthetics and styles of rooms. Around 70% of home buyers in the United States have one regret or more about the look of their homes. Knowing this, you can help turn people’s lifelong investments into a welcoming and personal environment. 

To be successful in this career, you need to keep up with interior decor trends.

Another major aspect of the job is building relationships with clients. These relationships will help you better understand their personalities and interests. The more that you get to know each person, the more you can customize the home to their liking. 

This is a creative career that can blossom into other opportunities. Home staging in the real estate industry is another option to consider within this career. 

6. Cleaning Company 

One of the most profitable home service business ideas is a cleaning company.

You can start a cleaning business with little money to invest and you will quickly see the results. Cleaning companies can be as small as 2 employees, or you can expand the company and start hiring more. Many people are willing to pay for deep house cleaning services while they are at work and you can accept the jobs that you want. 

Household cleaning companies often mop, dust, and deep clean appliances. Depending on the client’s home and needs, these duties may vary. You’ll have the chance to discuss terms with clients since you’ll be in control of the jobs you take on. 

If you are building a residential cleaning company and want to expand, you could work with commercial buildings as well. Another way you can offer unique services to stand out is by using green products. Reducing carbon footprints is becoming more popular and many people are willing to pay more for an eco-friendly option. 

7. Rental Prepping

Airbnb homes and rental properties are popping up as hotel reservations decrease. 

If you want to start a practical business, you should look into rental prepping to help these homeowners. Most homeowners don’t live near their rental properties, making it difficult for them to check on guests, clean, and put things together. 

As a rental prepper, you can visit the homes before and after guests arrive to ensure that everything is clean and tidy. This is an important job since towels and sheets must get washed, along with other general cleaning tasks. 

Rental prepping is comparable to cleaning services. However, this job entails a few more responsibilities. Grocery shopping might need to be done to stock the cupboards for guests and special assistance might get requested. 

8. Pet-Sitting 

A pet-sitting business can help you make a lot of money and can also help you meet all of the furry ones in the neighborhood.

If you enjoy spending time with dogs, cats, and other pets, this is a perfect business to start. You can go to people’s homes to look after their pets while they are at work or on vacation. This is a wonderful service that is in demand since many people don’t want to board their pets.

Keeping people’s pets in their own environment reduces their risk of getting anxious and depressed. This is a great way to keep pups in routine even when their owners can’t be around. This is a fun and rewarding business to start, however, you’ll have to be mindful of allergic reactions and potential injuries. 

The best part about opening this business is that you will likely have regular customers. This means that you can watch pets grow and learn. 

9. Cosmetology Services

If people are always complimenting you on your hairstyle or makeup, you should consider starting a cosmetology business.

Many people want to get their hair done professionally but don’t have the option to leave the house for 3 hours of the day. Cosmetology services can get offered at your client’s homes which makes it easier to book an appointment. 

This is a great way to build your client database, but you will always need to think ahead. Make sure that you consider which services you want to provide so that you can get all of the equipment. Without working in a salon, you won’t have a back room to grab inventory from. 

When you are ready to expand operations you can consider offering waxing or nail services. 

Opening a home service cosmetology business can help you gain experience in the industry if you are self-learning. This is also a great chance to practice the lessons you have learned in the classroom.

10. Painting Business

Not everyone has the hands or attention to detail to be a successful painter.

If you aren’t afraid of heights or making a mistake, opening a painting business can be a rewarding task. Many painters find their jobs to be relaxing since most people in the home aren’t in the building and you can focus on the task. Painting is very relaxing, however, it can get uncomfortable in extreme temperatures.

Opening a painting business can help you express your creativity while still remaining in the lines. Depending on the resources and experience you have, you can also offer exterior painting services. 

Since most clients that hire a painter have a larger home, you might want to think about building a team of painters. Find a group of painters that you trust for larger projects so that you can get paid in a timely manner. 

11. Pool Maintenance

Maintaining a pool, especially a large one, can take an entire evening after work.

If you have a lot of people in your community with pools and hot tubs, you should open a business to help them. Cleaning, opening, and closing these down can take a lot of time that most people don’t want to sacrifice. This job might get wet and messy at times, however, it’ll keep you in the sunshine all day.

Running a pool maintenance company will involve knowledge of how the filters work and how to balance pH levels. You can learn a lot of this information online and through experience. If you enjoy hands-on jobs that require problem-solving, this is a great option to consider. 

Keep in mind that some people have saltwater pools that require different services. Hot tubs also require different maintenance that will have a learning curve. 

What Will Your Home Service Business Be?

If you are interested in starting a home service business, you’ll need to consider your talents and interests. 

Opening a business is a big commitment that shouldn’t get taken lightly. If you don’t enjoy what you are doing, the quality of your services will decrease along with your revenue. Try to find a passion that you have and use it to help others in your community. 

You can help people spend more time with family and friends by helping them with time-consuming tasks. Whether you want to help children learn, walk pets, or paint, you can follow your dreams. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, just make a thorough plan in advance. 

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