Top 12 Awesome App Demos in 2021

So you built an awesome app. As the person who built the app, you know the ins and outs of the app, and you might be of the opinion that your users will learn how to navigate it easily.

Unfortunately, learning to use a new app might be confusing for most users, and it is a process that takes time if a user were to start from scratch.This is whyapp demos are essential in making onboarding a breeze for your users. They can get familiarized with the user interfaces of your app and learn how to navigate it in a matter of minutes.

What Exactly is An App Demo?

It is a guide combining both visuals and audio to introduce the key features of your app and to educate your users on how to use your app. As the name suggests, it is a video that demonstrates how an app works.

An app demo video can come in handy in many ways – for your product launch, on your app landing page, within your app or when you have an update to your app, and you want to inform your users on what to do next.

An app demo video can be in the form of a screen recording of a platform, or in an animated form where user interfaces are usually recreated to match the look and feel of the entire animation, or even a combination of both.

Top 12 App Demo Animations to Date

If you’re in need of an app demo video for your upcoming app launch, we have curated 12 of the best-looking app demo animations for your viewing pleasure, and to give you a better idea on the qualities that you should look out for when you create your own app demo.

1) PatientPop

PatientPop is an online tool designed for private healthcare practices to assess their practice growth against other competitors in their area.

This app demo is made using a combination of explainer video styles such as 2D with 3D elements. Some of the characters and other elements were created in 3D whereas the user interfaces of the platform were re-created in 2D style.

It is definitely an interesting one to watch and get inspiration from.This beautiful app demo is produced by an explainer video production studio called Kasra Design.

2) SurveyMonkey

This video was created to introduce the new SurveyMonkey and it showed users their new mission – to #powerthecurious.

By combining 3D animation with animation of the actual user interfaces of the platform, the video is straight to the point. Even without the use of narration, it is still easily understood. 

3) Slack

We also love this one from Slack where demo of the platform was integrated with live action production. The video featured a main character named Brianna who tells the viewers how she uses Slack for everything at work. Creative visual storytelling at its best.


IKEA Place is an augmented reality app to let users virtually puts IKEA products in their living space to see if the products are suitable or not. In this live action production, we can see the app in action, making it so easy for the viewers to pick up how to navigate the app, and enjoy a new way to experience IKEA.


GOJEK is a super app from Indonesia for ride-hailing, food delivery, logistics, payment and daily services. This 3D animated app demo basically sums up what GOJEK does in just 90 seconds.

6) Node

Node is a platform which connects food and beverage businesses with influencers. Restaurants, bars and cafes offer their menu items with influencers in exchange for social media posts and recommendations by the influencers to promote their brands.

This simple app demo video combines animated UIs of the app, with text animations to further emphasize on how to work with the app.

7) Grab

Grab is the leading ride-hailing services in Southeast Asia.

This 7 minutes onboarding video in 2D style was created to teach new drivers on how to work with the Grab Driver app, educating them on the things that they should, or should not do as a driver.

8) Google Wallet

Google Wallet is a virtual wallet that allows users to make payments and transfer money straight from their phones.

This video clearly demonstrates how the app works by showing use-case scenarios with re-created UIs of the app in 2D animated style. This awesome animated app demo is created by BUCK, an animation studio based in New York.

9) MediaSoft

MediaSoft by Bid4Ad is a solution for people in the advertising spaces industry to optimize their performance with modern technology.

This demo video consists of a mix of stock footage and app demo to show how to navigate the platform.

10) McDonald’s Singapore

Fast food giant McDonald’s Singapore created this 2D animated video to demonstrate how to use their app, whether an user is at the self-ordering kiosks, at the front counters or at drive-thru locations.

11) Zoom

Since the pandemic, most people, or working adults are pretty familiar with Zoom.

This video is a classic example of a demo video. It shows how working adults can use Zoom in their work and what they can benefit from it.

12) Sécurité

Sécurité Assurance App is an app created for brokers.This app demo features a 3D phone showing the app in action. It is neat and stylish. The minimal use of colors helps get everyone’s attention to the application instead. Overall, it is a good approach for promoting an application.

Wrapping Up

Before you create your app demo video, it is essential that you identify the right style that resonates with your audience and branding. Careful planning as a well-made app demo video will elevate your brand image and become an effective component of your marketing strategy. We hope that with this list of the top 12 app demo animations, you can get inspired and well prepared for your app demo video production.