Top 3 Careers to Try in the US

There are many different industries you can go into, with all of them offering decent earning potential and fulfilling roles, providing that they suit your interests and skills.

However, despite saying that, there are some careers out there that are more lucrative than others and that also provide better job security and employee satisfaction.

If you’re looking for a career change or are just about to enter the world of work for the first time, here’s a look at the best careers available in the US that you should consider.

Freight Shipping 

To the uninitiated, delivering and transporting goods and materials may not sound glamourous. However, this role has a lot of perks and is also a high-skilled industry, with drivers needing to get a separate licence to drive large hauling vehicles like trucks and lorries.

If you like visiting new locations, then freight shipping can be a good career option for you, as many roles require you to travel long distances across state borders. This can give you a feeling of freedom and also appeals to the adventurous type of people.

There will always be demand for truckers in the US, as businesses will always need materials and products to be shipped around. This means that once you enter the industry, there’ll be plenty of job security. When first looking for shipping work, try online job boards. Here, you’ll be able to find plenty of shipping jobs and choose the shipping work that best suits you.


The US is an ageing population, and soon, the over 60’s will be the dominant demographic in the country. With old age comes more frequent health problems, and as life expectancy grows, so does the need for nurses and medical professionals.

That’s why nursing has become a really attractive role to get into, as it’s in very high demand, meaning that you’re extremely likely to get a position once you complete your education for it. Plus, there’s a lot of scope for growth in the industry, as you’ll be able to specialise in certain areas of healthcare or transition to a more administrative role. In fact, there are many different nursing roles. Base salaries for nursing aren’t amazing; however, after spending a few years in the industry, you’ll be able to climb the ladder and improve your earning potential.

Social Media Manager

Social media is the biggest way businesses market themselves, and because of that, many marketing departments will have roles dedicated to social media. Plus, this role is expected to grow now that the likes of TikTok and Meta are emerging as profitable areas for advertising.

The earning potential for a top-level marketing manager is high, and there are a lot of roles going around, with many of them remote, allowing you to live that working from home life that many people enjoy.


The best roles in the US will alter throughout the years as demands and industries change. However, the roles mentioned here remain some of the best options for people due to their earning potential and demand. Entering these careers can help you build a successful future.