Top 4 Ultimate Aspects Swaying Expats To Buy Gold From Dubai

To find gold, you must love the city where it is being dug. Dubai: the renowned emirate is emblemed the “City of Gold ”, and this is due to some good reasons. If you crave the desired metal, embark at the doors of gold bullion dealers in Dubai. At the same time, Dubai incorporates many gold souks and has many dedicated consumers who love buying gold from Dubai and taking it back to their native nations. Most of them belong to the expat community and travelers. 

Substantial  Reasons Appetizing  Visitors to Buy Gold from Dubai

It’s your turn to find out why fugitives buy gold in Dubai! The country has a row of gold shops selling various designs and beautiful styles of gold pieces. So, let us see some of the solid reasons why travelers favor buying gold from the Dubai market:

  1. Buying Gold from Dubai Exempts Imports Duty

Do you believe that the gold price in Dubai is reasonable? Well, if you are well aware of the sticker price of the aureate metal, your belief is precise to this context. But many unrevealed facts stood behind it. For instance, on September 19, 2022, Dubai gold shops sold 1 gram of 22K gold tagging a price of AED 196.50, whereas other Asian countries like India were selling gold quotes at Rs. 4,656 per gram. This difference is due to the import tax which the other Asian countries have to impose, and Dubai can exclude. In July 2022, from 10.75 percent earlier. People’s fetish for gold costs the other nation Governments dearly by bagging the tax from the ordinary people. 

  1. People Trust the Purity of Gold that This Emirate City Delivers

People buying this precious metal lie on two factors: gold is a part of the asset, and secondly, inheritance. The government laboratory of UAE is an organization that tests the purity of gold by inspecting its fineness mark. The jewelry shops also carry a hallmarked sign on the gold items they sell and are obliged to provide it to their customers upon request. Trust is the critical value that Dubai merchandises work hard to manifest through the weighing scales on which they show the measurements to the consumers in the stores. 

  1. Multiple Options for Buying Gold

Being a haven for shoppers, Dubai has rallied up with multiple choices in selling different types of gold. Damas and Joy Alukas are renowned for delivering gold in jewelry, bullion, and coin forms to consumers. If you go to a shopping mall, you can easily find these well-known names. The oldest showroom in Dubai- Deira Gold Emporium, has a row of jewelry shops lined up on the Dubai streets selling genuine gold with fancy designs and a great shine. 

  1. Bargaining on the Making Charge on Gold in Another Lucrative Reason 

The price of gold is similar to the stock; hence it is prudent to know about the current market price. Buy gold bars in Dubai as the gold price in AED is displayed in the daily newspaper or seen strictly from the market. Besides, the making charge affixed to that gold price is entirely different. 

Making a charge means the fee taken from the customer as a labor charge-  for the person making the jewelry piece. But after haggling with the other shops in Dubai, you may find a big difference in the making charge. Some charge very low, and some quote the jewelry piece at an incoherent price. Thus you can bargain on the making charge, and undoubtedly those stores keep your request to maintain hospitality. 

Buy Gold Bars in Dubai: How to do Gold Rates in Dubai?

Gold in Dubai is sold in different karats. People love to buy the purest one, 24k. For making jewelry, 22k is the most preferable because it helps hold the design and delivers consistency of the metal. The 18k is mainly preferred by low-budget expats whose love for this precious metal strives high. Still, due to the minimum budget, they prefer buying the 18k, whose jewelry looks astonishing, beautiful, and solid but incorporates less purity. 

Dubai tags its gold rates depending on the bullion markets. The rise or fall of gold lies in several factors. The prominent factors are interest rates, inflation rates, taxes, demand and supply of the metal, geopolitical factors, etc. Analysts also consider that the gold prices in Middle Eastern countries are much lower than in Indian cities. Dubai has witnessed strong economic growth over the last few years due to its bombard efforts in delivering gold in various forms.  


People accumulating gold jewelry, bars, and coins don’t have to go through much hassle while traveling to their native nations. This makes their urge to form this precious metal more strong. It converts into desperation when they travel to buy gold bars in Dubai for various purposes- jewelry, acquiring as a source of assets, and an investment agenda. 

So, are you hopping toward these Middle Eastern countries for gold? If yes, try out the leading gold dealers in Dubai, like Ashoka Global. They offered some eye-glazing bullion products providing their services at the international level. 


  1. What is the permissible limit on wearing gold for people traveling from Dubai to Asian Countries?

People can wear up to 40 gms of gold and travel from Dubai to India without hassle. 

  1. What details that the hallmark certificate provide to ensure the purity of gold?

The gold purity hallmark certificate provides the genuine details of the karats, weight of the actual gold, weight of the stone if afield to the gold piece, cost of labor, and so on.

  1. Why is gold bought cheaply in Dubai?

Gold is cheap in Dubai because it is tax-free. Buyers don’t have to pay extra tax on the gold bought at Dubai shops.