Top 5 Cryptocurrencies Under $1 for a Newbie to Investing in 2022

There are almost 20 thousand cryptocurrencies in which there is 5 top cryptocurrency favorite for the newbies. Everyone wants to become a billionaire within a couple of days by investing in the cryptocurrency market. It still works but after detailed research and experiments, you are able to find the best cryptocurrency to invest in and hope for better outcomes.

Bitcoin and Ethereum are the top leaders of cryptocurrencies in the online market. Their cryptocurrency stocks are skyrocketing and hard to invest in for the newbie. In 2011 the bitcoin price is one dollar but in July 2022 the price of bitcoin is 23,780 dollars in an open online market. In the same way, Ethereum’s price in 2014 is 0.14 dollars and now in July 2022, the price of Ethereum is 1,713 dollars. There is a huge difference in price within a couple of years. This is due to the spontaneous demand for cryptocurrency in the crypto market by thousands of people. 

There is still a margin in these top leader currencies but it increases gradually. So it is hard to find the best result from these currencies spontaneously is almost impossible with a low investment. So there is a chance to grow for newbies by investing a low budget in cryptocurrencies that have low prices and they are becoming popular among the people. 

There is top 5 cryptocurrency in the cryptocurrency market that is very idle for the new investor or trader to get the maximum profit within a short period of time. Kucoin appreciates newbies investing in new currencies that have low prices. Kucoin provides opportunities for a new investors to invest and trade without the worry of transaction fees. Like other crypto platforms, kucoin also provides the waller facility.


Tether is an idle cryptocurrency for new investors and traders. This currency is the most stable currency as compared to the other cryptocurrencies. Their price range is $1 to $1.0003 which is highly appreciated by the new users. Furthermore, this cryptocurrency is backed by physical currency like the US dollar and Euro. the backing of this tether cryptocurrency makes them feel confident in their purchaser and seller. The market cap of this currency is almost more than 66 billion. 


The USDC is also backed by the USD dollar. It makes them equal to 1 dollar to 1 USDC. USDC is supported by Ethereum and globally accepted in online transactions. USDC is also called the digital dollar. You can exchange it for the physical $1. Their well-organized blockchain system makes it speedy to complete the transaction in the whole world. The market cap of USDC is 54 billion. 


XRP is a favorite cryptocurrency due to its stabilized low price. In one dollar you can easily purchase 2.56 XRP coins which seem to be best for a new user’s exposure to the crypto market. It continuously grows upward. Most of the crypto exchanges are now pushing this currency for investment as well as trade purposes. The market cap of this currency is 18 billion. 


Dogecoin is the favorite currency of the influencers. Elon Musk shows their interest to invest in this currency. With one dollar you can purchase almost 14 dogecoins. Dogecoin is also called the alt and meme coin to the bitcoin. Despite that dogecoin has a 93 billion market cap which is very surprising. 

Polygon Matic

Polygon Matic’s popularity growing day by day. In 2021 when bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are facing the decline issue at that time polygon trying to stabilize its position. A number of projects like Disney and other popular platforms are supporting polygon which enhances its popularity also. This currency is also under $1 which is best for the newbie user or investor to take a start in cryptocurrency stocks. The market cap of polygon Matic online currency is 76 billion dollars. 

Conclusively, from the above discussion, you are able to set a path to invest or trade in the top cryptocurrency that is under 1 dollar. It’s not a big deal and hard to find to invest in the heavy currency because of a shortage of funds. You can purchase the currencies under dollar 1 with the short funds and trade them to earn a handsome amount of profit.