Top 5 Factors to Consider When Picking Senior Living Facilities

Seniors have to strategize about how and where they spend their golden years. The array of senior living facility options out there is so mind-boggling, that we’ve decided to list a few factors you should consider well in advance of any move you might make.

But how do you choose the perfect facilities for seniors, and what should you look for?

Read on to discover aspects of picking senior living facilities — an emotional topic at best — that you might not have thought of.

1. Location

Is the facility close enough to friends and family to make it easy for them to visit you regularly? Is it located in a pleasant setting, near a bus route, supermarket, golf course, or public library? What about its proximity to noisy activities, like a sports stadium, nightclub, or busy railway track?

You will want to strike a balance between being surrounded by general activity and being able to get enough peace and quiet to ensure a good night’s sleep.

2. Look at Amenities When Picking Senior Living Facilities

Before committing to any senior community, ask for a detailed tour so that you can inspect the amenities. What is the upkeep like from the outside? Are the gardens and pathways well maintained?

What about the roof, guttering, and security lighting? Does the exterior look as if it needs a coat of paint, and is there any junk lying about? Is there a proper, secure wall or fence around the whole property?

Do things look clean inside, especially in the communal dining and leisure areas? Do the furnishings look comfortable and modern, and is there easy wheelchair access?

3. Your Personal Space

Any apartment or room in a senior living facility is likely to feel small to you, especially if you have lived in a house all your life. The important thing is whether you will be able to personalize your private space with a few items of your own furniture and hang pictures. What is the wardrobe and storage like and is it lockable?

Does your room have its own basin and mirror, and enough electrical sockets? Do you have to share bathroom facilities, and with how many others? How regular is the staff cleaning service, and is it included in the overall price you’ll be paying?

Can you move around your private space easily? If you need help, is there an alarm system that will have the facility staff coming to your rescue? And then, there’s the all-important question: Does the facility have a decent internet connection and free WiFi in the communal areas?

4. Staff and Food

Find out if qualified nurses and carers are on duty at all times. Most facilities assist with administering medications, but you need to check what the procedure is in the event of a medical emergency.

Do the security, admin, kitchen and other senior living staff seem friendly, kind and understanding, and do they seem happy in their jobs? Remember, you’ll be interacting with these people daily, and you need to feel comfortable around them.

You need to know that you will enjoy the food. Ask to see the weekly menu. Also, ask if the facility caters to any allergies or dietary restrictions that you may have.

5. Alternatives to Senior Residential Facilities

If you cannot bear the thought of living in an old age home, then you should seriously consider whether a home care service like the one provides is better suited to your needs. Caregiving services ranging from house cleaning, personal hygiene, shopping, and delivery of prepared meals to regular medical attention by professional nurses, doctors, and trained caregivers are tailored to your unique situation. This way, you don’t have to move from your home: the care you need comes to you!

Social Activities and Quality of Life

By picking senior living facilities that you like, you will have the opportunity to participate in organized communal senior living activities, and you might even make new friends. When you’re doing that detailed inspection, get the low-down on what it’s like living there from a couple of current residents. What will your social life be like if you choose home care assistance instead?

The fact is that when we get older, we need to depend on others more than before, whether we like it or not. We owe it to ourselves to choose where we are going to be wisely.

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