Top 5 games to keep yourself busy

If you have a lot of free time and wish to engage yourself in some fun tasks, here is a list of games like bubble shooter games that you can indulge in. Playing different games is a great way to keep yourself busy and enjoy yourself. This will help you refresh and work better.

If you are on a break or vacation and don’t have anything to pass time, these bubble shooter game download options are a must-try. Try playing different games and pick the one that matches your interest.

  • UNO

A perfect choice for all. If you wish to have fun and don’t have people around you to play cards. Online UNO is a perfect game for you. The online card game is not at all a disappointment instead it allows you to play it the way you like it. You can make your private rooms and involve family and friends or you can play with players around the world.

Though physical cards are much more fun. But when you aren’t left with any option. Online UNO is a savior. Don’t forget to tap the UNO button when you are left with the last card.

  • Cut the rope

If you are somebody who loves creativity and challenges. Cut the rope is the best-suited game for you. It is a refreshing, challenging, and highly entertaining game. The game aims to cut the ropes holding the candy in such a way that the candy directly falls into the mouth of the little monster. It might sound easy but is challenging. With each level, the difficulty of the game keeps rising.

Levels beyond 150 are hard nuts to crack. The game is highly addictive and intriguing. All in all, it is a lovely game and is a great option to keep yourself busy.

  • Color Switch

It is one of the most simple yet fun games. It has different game modes and a variety of options for users. The best part about this game is that it is constantly updated and upgraded. The game allows the players to try different things.

All the players have to do is make the ball escape a certain shape. The constant color change of the ball makes it tricky to keep going. The game is designed to test the focus and activeness of the mind. It is indeed a great game to keep yourself engaged.

  • Bubble shooter

Bubble shooter is one of the most loved and exciting games. The game aims to increase the points by bursting the bubbles. There is an arrow that keeps on providing you with bubbles of different colors, all you have to do is hit the bubble of the same coloras on the arrow. But if the player fails to burst bubbles, the game soon gets over.

Bubble shooter game have different modes and designs so that the users never get bored. There is no end to the bubble shooter, the game goes on and the users need to get as many points as possible. There are a lot of bubble shooter downloads available for free allowing users to get the game for free.

  • Stumble Guys

It is another fun game to try your hands on. If you love to compete and challenge yourself to win, Stumble Guys is one of the best games to play with friends. It can also be played alone. It is similar to the famous fall guy game. The game starts with 32 people running and escaping all the obstacles to make it to the finish line.

Only 16 people are qualified for the next round and then only 8 people make it to the last round. The one crossing the finish line first in the last round wins. The aim of the game is to win the maximum number of rounds and get the trophy. Trophies allow users to buy new clothes and unlock different dresses.

The game has exciting levels and features that make it engaging.


There are several games to keep you busy but these were the most loved of them all and are suitable for both children and adults. All these games are safe and can be downloaded easily. Try playing all of them and find the one you love. All the online games are addicting, avoid playing them for prolonged hours.

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