Top 5 IPL Captains With Highest Winning Percentage

Winning and lifting the IPL trophy is a dream for the captains of different teams. However, it is the most challenging task to do. To make it possible, a captain has to make correct decisions at every point of a match. Right from the toss to the batting order and field placement, they have the pressure to make the best possible decision depending on the situation.

In short, a cricket captain’s role is important, as their decision taken in a flash can change the whole game. Now that you know how significant a caption is for the game of cricket, do you know which IPL captains have got the highest winning percentage in the history of IPL?

Here are the top five captains who have made history with the highest win percentage in IPL:

1. Rohit Sharma (60.17%)

Rohit Sharma has got an excellent winning percentage of 60.17% in the IPL. With his excellent decision-making during the matches, he has led his IPL team, Mumbai Indian, to five IPL titles. He lifted the first IPL trophy when he was the captain in 2013. Even his team has the highest winning percentage.

In total 113 matches led by Rohit Sharma, the team won 66 matches and lost 43. Even in IPL 2021, MI still has a great chance of winning the trophy under his captaincy.

2. Steve Smith (58.97%)

In 2013, Steve Smith got his first experience to be the captain of the Rajasthan Royals IPL team captain. Earlier, he represented the Pune Warriors team. Later, he became the caption of RR and for the initial four games in 2015 and went on to be a successful captain for Rajasthan Royals before Shane Watson grabbed his mantle in 2015.

After two years, he also got another stint as IPL captain for Rising Pune Supergiants. This time, he was almost about to win the first IPL title. However, the right-handed cricketer has played a total of 40 matches being a skipper for his team. Out of these matches, he won 23 matches. Due to this, he has got one of the highest winning percentages as captain in IPL.

3. Sachin Tendulkar (58.82%)

Sachin Tendulkar is called the “God of Cricket” for a reason. But despite being an exceptional batsman, he has also been one of the top IPL captains with a decent winning percentage. In 2008 and 2009, his IPL team, Mumbai Indians, ended up at fifth and seventh positions, respectively. But Tendulkar remained the captain. At that time, MI has the lowest winning percentage.

Finally, with the entry of Kieron Pollard into the team, they reached the IPL finals in 2010. Tendulkar was the captain of MI for this year as well. And, under his captaincy, MI won 30 matches out of 51. 

4. MS Dhoni (58.45%)

Dhoni also has a great record as an IPL team captain. Besides leading Chennai Super Kings to win three IPL trophies, he led the franchise to playoffs in all editions. Going as per the current records, many people have high hopes for CSK’s IPL 2021 results.

Dhoni is indeed a valuable addition to the CSK IPL team, as he is a brilliant batsman, an excellent keeper and a clever strategist. He has been the captain of CSK for 184 matches and won 107 matches and lost just 76. Due to this, he is among the captains with the highest winning percentage. Although Dhoni was also a captain of the IPL team, Rising Pune Supergiants, he was not successful with that team.

5. David Warner

David Warner is a fiery batsman, who led his team, Sunrisers Hyderabad, to the first victory in the IPL in 2016. Therefore, he has rightfully gained his position on the list of the top captains with the highest winning percentage in IPL.

His batting skills are impressive and with his entry into the IPL world, he showed his leadership skills too with his 55.31% winning percentage in IPL.

So, these are the top five IPL captains with the highest win percentage in IPL history. With the beginning of IPL on September 19, fans are waiting to witness which team takes this year’s trophy. Do go through the IPL 2021 schedule to known the schedule of the matches of your favourite team. For more news related to IPL updates and IPL 2021 results, stay tuned!