Top 5 Most Common Causes for Bus Accidents

Buses are a common means of transport, especially in busy metropolitan areas. They are affordable and often offer a safe means of travel from one place to another. Unfortunately, there are nearly 200 bus accidents daily on America’s roadways, and they can wreak havoc on unsuspecting passengers. The heavy nature and enormous size of buses can lead to catastrophic injuries that alter the course of people’s lives forever. The results are often tragic and sometimes fatal. 

Being involved in a traumatic bus accident that leads to severe injury can leave victims angry and confused. They must often seek the services of an experienced and passionate bus accident attorney to get justice for the harm they’ve suffered. There are many reasons for bus accidents, but a few tend to occur often. Here are the top 5 most common causes of bus accidents. 

Driver Negligence

Unfortunately, driver negligence is responsible for many bus accidents. Speeding, improper lane changes, and failure to yield the right of way can cause catastrophic injuries. Drivers can be distracted by passengers, phones, and many other things that can lead to dangerous accidents. Even a lack of sleep can lead to negligent driving that puts all passengers in danger.  

Mechanical or Maintenance Defects

Bus owners and transportation companies have a duty to maintain buses and relevant equipment safely. Something as seemingly insignificant as a tire blowout can cause a devastating accident. Improperly maintained buses can overheat and catch fire, among other things. Mechanical failures are responsible for many unnecessary bus accidents daily.  

Hazardous Conditions

Hazardous conditions on the roadways can cause or contribute to terrible accidents involving buses and passengers. Roads that have not been maintained often have large potholes or blind spots that cause perilous accidents. Even debris on the roads can cause accidents for large buses, which are less maneuverable than passenger vehicles. 

Perilous Weather

Weather is also another factor that often contributes to dangerous bus accidents. Rain, thunderstorms, and even fog can reduce visibility for drivers. Snow, ice, and heavy rain can turn roads slick, making it harder for large buses to stop quickly. Low light conditions and bad weather often contribute to the most serious bus accidents. 

Lack of Training

Bus drivers must be properly trained to operate large passenger vehicles. They should also undergo continuing education to ensure they have appropriate vision and reflexes while ensuring they are up to date on current state driving laws. Proper training and continuing education help ensure bus drivers take adequate precautions in hazardous situations such as perilous weather or bad roads. 

Partner with a Passionate Bus Accident Attorney Today

The split-second decisions bus drivers make often save lives or cause terrible injuries. Bus drivers should be in good health and properly trained before accepting the responsibility of passengers. Bus companies and drivers should ensure that large buses are in good working condition, with adequate maintenance and good tires. They should also undergo continuing education regularly to ensure they have the knowledge and experience to operate these large passenger vehicles safely if you’ve been involved in an accident with a bus and sustained injuries, partner with a passionate bus accident attorney today.