Top 5 PU Colleges for Science in Karnataka

There are different PU colleges across Karnataka, however, getting admission in one of the best 5 is important. The education in such colleges ensures that the student’s skills are developed. It will help them to achieve success in their life. So, it is important to join any of the best PU colleges in Bangalore for science and make your dreams come true.

Read more to know about the top 5:

Gupta College, Bangalore
Gupta College, Bangalore is one of the best PU colleges in Bangalore for science, it helps the students in discovering new experiments in a dynamic and supportive environment, and they equip them to handle opportunities in today’s competitive market. They believe that they create quality human resources by integrating excellent technical skills, social character, leadership, creativity, and innovation. They have been striving to provide excellence in education through student-centered learning.

Christ PU College Residential
Christ PU College Residential strives towards creating varied, highly brilliant students who challenge each other to attain their full potential and it remains as one family. The institution was incepted on the enlightening vision of Blessed Kuriakose Elias Chavara who was the founder of the religious congregation for men and he believed in Jnana Maga, the way of knowing that attain salvation. He was a true Karma Yogi. The spirit of the place is certainly favorable to the development of personal growth and it welcomes all the people to the center of learning.

Seshadripuram Composite PU College
Seshadripuram Composite PU College is one of the most sought-after colleges for intermediate courses which is located in the heart of the city. The college is committed to providing value-based quality education in the spirit of excellence. The college was incepted nearly two and a half decades ago. Within a short span, the college has evolved to be one of the foremost names in the segment of PU Education in Karnataka. We provide education and opportunities to more than 2000 students who are mentored by over 100 highly qualified faculty members.

Mysore Education Society
Mysore Education Society is another renowned PU colleges that were initiated by a small group of enlightened citizens of Malleswaram who felt the need to have a college in the neighborhood to cater to girl students in particular. Over the next few years, this institute has acquired a special place in the minds and hearts of many students.

Sharada Pre University College
Sharada Pre University College is another top-notch college that offers quality education to the students. The dreams and aspirations of these like-minded people brought them together 20 years ago and these institutions have also carved a niche in the field of education. They have also provided a unique contribution to the timeless tradition and culture of our country. The Pre-university is a crucial phase in a child’s academic progress that needs meticulous and proper training and thus they provide a great atmosphere to the children.

So, here are the top-notch PU colleges that offer quality education to the students. If you want to get into one of the best colleges, then visit the website of these colleges and make your dreams come true.