Top 5 Reasons Why you Should Archive Social Media Posts

3.96 billion people were actively using social media in the year 2020. The overall growth rate of the usage of these platforms has been 92.76% in just five years. It bridges the gap between different kinds of people and enables human contact in an authentic virtual way.

As social media hosts such a large audience, organizations can’t be ignorant about their social media activities. Even for big-shot influencers, creators, verified accounts, and brand accounts, it is vital to preserving their posts for the future. Archiving your posts helps you do just that.

Other than that, here are 5 reasons why you should archive your social media posts:

1.    Record- Keeping

Keeping a real-time record of the activities on your website and social media accounts is essential. It always keeps you updated about your social image and allows you to look back whenever necessary. It also helps keep a check on risk exposure and ensures the existence of proof in case of a probe.

Social media is now an important tool of communication, and hence, being on top of your activities and archiving them has now become a necessity. If you don’t want to invest human labor in it, you can explore tools like Stillio, that help you automate the entire process.

2.    Protect your Property

Creating captivating content is a complex and time-consuming process! In case of a breach, suspension, or inaccessibility, your Intellectual Property (IP) can either be withheld or deleted. This basically means your hard work is going down the drain.

Documenting your posts ensures that your authentic content remains accessible to you. Even if you lose access to your Content through the web, archiving protects them for your future references. This way, the time and funds invested in creating them get fortified as well.

3.    Untampered Log of Activity

Like it’s said: To Err Is Human!

You may have top-of-the-line people working on your Social Media Management Team, yet certain slip-ups are inevitable, and more so, human. If and when, one edits, deletes, or puts up new stuff on your social account, archiving your posts regularly ensures that you have an unaltered daybook of your brand’s online activity. The originality of the content is safe and can be restored as and when required.

4.    Safeguard from Judicial Proceedings

The first and foremost factors to have a stand in litigation cases are proofs and witnesses. In case of an inquiry or probe going on, having your indigenous and factful content at your disposal is of utmost importance. If not, unwanted problems and hurdles cannot be escaped.

Keeping proper track of your online activities, and having a quick grasp on your previously posted content comes in handy. The original back-and-forth kept at your disposal without any alterations can incline the case to your side of the balance. Thus, archiving can help build your case and also helps you defend it.

5.    Brainstorming New Ideas

Old is Gold!

What has led us towards success in the past, influences us in the future. Optimizing recent strategies, contemplating new ideas, and pondering over fresh pathways; before driving us forward, first leads us back. The base built before makes for a sturdy foundation after, and leads us higher.

A well-kept record of your old goods aids and influences you towards something brighter. When brainstorming, archiving can help you draw a quick comparison between the old and the new strategy. The old documented archives help in fluent differentiation, and hence, better outcomes!

Over to you…

Letting go sounds hurtful, and when it comes to things you worked on, created, and birthed, it makes for an awry reality. We could not have been more transparent with the solution here- archiving! An account of your past activities- whether a success or a debacle always moves you forward.

So, making sure of a routine backup of your content- is to ensure a safe & driven trail!