Top 6 Reasons to Visit Kerala in Monsoon Season

What’s the best option to do during rainy days? Sip a hot cup of coffee, take in your favorite “pitter-patter” noise of rain coming from your windows, or indulge in tasty food? During the rain, anyone can do any of those things and much more. Kerala is believed to be the only Indian state that experiences monsoon twice, i.e., the northeast and southwest monsoons, and encompasses the vast dry areas of the Indian subcontinent.

It makes the place more stunning and pleasing to the eyes. Recently, Kerala has been declared one of the top ten tourist destinations globally. It is also named as one of the 100 best travel destinations for the 21st century. But, most tourists avoid traveling to Kerala in the monsoon months.

The reason is poor weather, delayed flights, road sludge, and untreated rivers on roads. However, they are unaware that the monsoon is a great time to travel to this tropical country that is most beautiful when it rains.

Kerala is romantic during monsoons.

Additionally, there are surprising benefits of traveling to Kerala in the monsoon. Here are some of the reasons to help you comprehend why you should book Kerala tour packages during monsoon time.

What’s better than rain? The natural beauty of Kerala and the constant rains make it a perfect romantic getaway for many couples. There are many getaways for couples to relax with their loved ones and enjoy an unforgettable time together.

Kerala’s backwaters, Wayanad, Vagamon, Alappuzha, Munnar, Kumarakom are some of the most famous areas to explore during the rainy season. This vast number of locations are stunning in the rain and provide breathtaking sightseeing spots and romantic honeymoon destinations during your journey. Many more hideaways and getaways are sure to captivate visitors and create a trip to Kerala unforgettable.

Discounts on the Highest Prices during Monsoon

As you know, Kerala is a state of the rain and has helped create its lush greenery; however, this isn’t the only reason we’re asking to make plans for your next trip to ‘God’s home country.’ During the rainy season, which spans from June to August and October to November, Kerala provides significant bargains.

It provides a wide range of online choices with deals on Kerala holidays and packages with typically 30 % (or 50%) of accommodation and travel are typical. Hotels and homestays typically offer discounts between 20 and 50 percent, and Kerala’s famous backwater houseboats provide discounts for guests.

Kerala is a pricey destination to visit in India; however, it is one of the states with the highest economic growth that is the best to visit during the monsoon. Make sure to plan your trip to Kerala early, before it’s too late and the monsoon season starts.

Monsoon Welcomes Festival Season in Kerala

The monsoon season coincides with the season of festivities and celebrations. Onam is Kerala’s most important festival. Onam is celebrated from August through September, and it runs up to 10 days. It’s a harvest festival when people celebrate the historical return of King Mahabali, who was the ruler of this state for an extended period.

In the course of the celebration, the state’s population seemed to be happy when decorating their home, going to temples, reciting poojas, creating Pookalam (Flower carpets), purchasing fresh clothes, putting on traditional dress, and visiting family members.

In addition, however, the Snake Boat Race on the Pamba River is one of the main attractions in the Onam celebrations. This event draws visitors from all around the globe to Kerala. If you want to be among them, you should consider visiting Kerala during the monsoon season.

Relax your body and mind by utilizing Ayurvedic Massage

Are you aware that the monsoon is the ideal time to seek Ayurvedic therapy in Kerala? The cool, humid, and clean air in the monsoon season can help the body’s pores breathe and are more receptive to herbs and oils for therapy. Kerala is home to Ayurveda which is among the most ancient types of traditional medicine worldwide.

 It offers treatments in meditation, yoga and diet, massage, and the application of oil. Numerous hotels and resorts throughout the state provide these services for a discounted rate as an aspect of Kerala monsoon discounts. Spend some time and take a trip to this beautiful land of emeralds and indulge in the best ayurvedic treatments to relax and rejuvenate yourself by taking the benefits of herbal massages.

Monsoon Adds Beauty to Emerald Kerala

Kerala can be found in all seasons, green, but its vibrant green hues appear only in the monsoon. From the mountainous land to beaches and waterslides, virtually all of Kerala is awash with spices, grains, and fruits such as banana pineapple, coconut cardamom, pepper cinnamon, and turmeric. Basil rice, etc., at times of heavy rain.

There is no reason not to travel across Kerala to see some of the most beautiful waterfalls, mountain stations, beaches, and, of course, the backwaters. Monsoons bring higher temperatures with plenty of rainfall and fewer tourists—discounts in restaurants and hotels which offer delicious monsoon-specific dishes and a more scenic setting to visitors.

Lush Green Palm-fringed Backwaters of Kerala

A lush, green landscape of palms and numerous wildlife species houses, traditional houseboats, and beautiful green villages create the waterways of Kerala. The beauty of the backwaters is challenging to convey in words, particularly in the monsoon when it transforms into a serene place you’ll be to visit on your trip.

The Alappuzha Canal Cruise, Alumkadavu Kollam Ashtamudi, Kumarakom, and some others are just a handful of Kerala’s finest recognized backwaters. On the other hand, bushes are one of the top spots to go for monsoon touring in Kerala and are captivating and romantic.