Top 6 Romantic Flowers For Her

Valentine’s Day might have gone by but there’s still so much love in the air! No matter what kind of gifts you want to give to your girlfriend, she will always love flowers more than anything else. Flowers have a way of touching the heart as nothing else can.

This is why the global flower market that grows flowers primarily for gifting and ornamental purposes is supposed to reach 57.4 billion USD by 2024. If you wish to give your ladylove a bouquet of flowers, here is a list of the top romantic flowers that will definitely make her swoon!

1. Tulips

If your girlfriend is a very jolly and happy-go-lucky kind of person, tulips will be the best gift for her. Tulips can come in a variety of colors like white, purple, red, pink, or yellow.

Depending on your girlfriend’s favorite color, you can give her a bouquet of the same-colored tulips or ones having different colors.

If you have just started your relationship and haven’t decided on anything long-term, then you can symbolize this love by gifting tulips. These flowers also signify that spring has arrived, which can also be a way to let your girlfriend know that she is the spring in your life!

2. Lilacs

Seen typically as a very light and soothing purple shade, lilacs signify the first pangs of love. A bunch of lilacs thus symbolizes a new romance or a new relationship.

If, however, you have been courting her for some time now and your relationship has strengthened, you can give her a darker, magenta shade of lilacs. These flowers are perfect for a birthday or an anniversary.

For example, if you want to show her how you felt ever since the first time you laid eyes on her, write her a cute poem and give her lilacs. She will surely jump with joy!

3. Roses

Now, who needs an introduction to roses? They are, by far, the most romantic and popular among all flowers. The red rose, especially, signifies a very deep and long-lasting love.

If you want to tell your wife or girlfriend how precious she is to you, write something like, “My love for you is like these roses that last forever”. Different colored roses can mean different things.

The yellow rose can be given to convey the message that you won’t ever leave your partner’s side, while the orange rose stands for gratitude and joy.

4. Orchids

Orchids are also very pretty flowers that come in many different colors, although purple orchids are the most common. They are also more delicate and exotic than most of the other flowers out there.

Even though the blooms may fade a little with time, if you care for them properly, they can rebloom. For many centuries, orchids have represented style and luxury.

Other than showcasing love and passion, they have also been gifted to convey other emotions like luck and hope. The perfect occasions to gift a bouquet of orchids are birthdays and Valentine’s day.

5. Pastel carnations

If your wife or girlfriend is a shy introvert, then pastel carnations can be a good gift to her. White carnations symbolize pure and honest love, while pink ones stand for admiration.

Carnations are the flowers for the month of January, so if your girlfriend’s birthday is in January, you now know what to gift her!

Carnations can also symbolize a motherly affection or love since many believe that these flowers grew from the Virgin Mary’s tears for Christ. So if you want to let your girlfriend know how much she has cared for you like a mother, a bouquet of pastel carnations is ideal.

6. Daisies

Daisies are bright flowers that come in many colors. Their yellow discs and white petals make them a perfect gift for anyone in love. They symbolize innocence and purity.

So if you wish to develop your innocent friendship with your crush into something more, you can send her a bunch of daisies as a hint. Out of the many varieties of daisies, the Gerbera ones are the most popular.

Over to you…

These six flowers are a wonderful gift for your darling, no matter what the occasion is. Based on her personality and favorite color, choose any flower that you think would suit her and give it to her today. She’s sure to return back the love!