Top 7 universities in India for B.Sc biotechnology courses

Biotechnology is a broad area of biology involving living systems and organisms for the development or manufacture of products. Biotechnology has been in use since ages to produce food, in making medicine and also in agriculture production. According to popular belief, a Hungarian engineer named KarolyEreky has first coined the term ‘biotechnology’ in 1919. Since then, the term has expanded and now you can see the emergence of modern biotechnology that includes varied sciences such as applied immunology, genomics etc.

If biotechnology interest you, and you are looking for some top universities to pursue B.Sc in Biotechnology, the following list will be of your help-

Here are the top B.Sc Biotechnology Universities in India –

1. Christ University, Bengaluru
The Biotechnology course in the Christ University will enable students to understand the applications of biotechnology in basic plant biology, taxonomy and pharmaceutical chemistry. This will enable students to carry out higher studies with an interdisciplinary advantage related to any of these various subjects.

2. Presidency University, Kolkata
The university has worked to include research modules in its syllabus for the students of postgraduate courses. This has been done to help students grasp the wide range of knowledge about the entire disciplines of life sciences including biotechnology, microbiology, neurosciences, development biology etc. This remodelled syllabus has helped students in a significant way and more and more students are now qualifying for Ph.D. scholarships.

3. Manipal University, Mangalore
The B.Sc Biotechnology course is offered by the School of Life Sciences (SLS). In India and abroad, SLS actively promotes advanced research. The University boasts of high-class research facilities, quality faculties and resources to help students benefit from one of the top research and learning center in India. The Center also collaborates with various foreign institutions in Australia, the USA, Germany, etc to facilitate students in their research work.

4. Karnatak University, Dharwad
In 1999 and 2001, the Departments of Microbiology and Biotechnology were established respectively. Karnatak University is one of North Karnataka’s leading universities for education in microbiology and biotechnology. Its mission is to produce young scientists committed to progressive biotechnological and microbiological research and development and loyalty to human welfare and inspire them to play a key role in bringing about real change in human life with a strong sense of human ethics.

5. Chandigarh University, Mohali
UIBT is one of the top B.Sc Biotechnology Universities in India. The university presents a highly competitive bachelors program that brings together wide-ranging disciplines of biology, chemistry and computer science. The department works on the principle of developing research capabilities and scholarly practices to facilitate the students with the essential and critical aspects of the domain. The modern curriculum along with the high-tech facilities help students develop their skills that is required to build a career in this exciting field.

6. DY Patil International University, Pune
The Bachelor’s program helps students to understand the cellular and bi-molecular methods that are used to develop advanced techniques for the development and improvement of the lives of human beings. The all-inclusive curriculum of the University helps students take in varied areas of Biotechnology including Animal Husbandry, Healthcare, Genetic Engineering and the like.

7. Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra
Kurukshetra University started its department of Biotechnology in the year 1995. The department strives to deliver quality education with first-class faculty and possess facilities for research and development. The state-of-the-art infrastructure and the basic necessities are also available promote and encourage students for pursuing research in various fields of biotechnology such as plants and animals biotechnology, microbial etc. The University also works in partnership with other institutes with specialized facilities to help students take up research.