Top 7 Winter Jackets for Men in 2021

Did you know that the menswear market is growing much more quickly than the womenswear market? The rising industry of men’s fashion isn’t surprising when you consider how quickly the interest in men’s style is growing. While previously fashion was primarily targeted towards women, there’s a greater emphasis these days on men being put together, trendy, and tailored.

If you’re on a fashion journey of your own, you know how difficult it can be sometimes. There are so many different options and so many fashion faux-pas it can be difficult to stay on-trend. Picking winter jackets for men is an especially difficult prospect. 

You have to find the right piece that’s stylish, versatile, warm, and high quality, all without breaking the bank. To demystify this process, we compiled this brief guide. So read on to learn all you need to know about picking your new favorite jacket! 

1. Alpha Industries B-15 

This classic men’s bomber jacket has a fur-lined collar, and a flattering, trendy shape. You can pick either navy blue, black, or sage green for your coat.

The great thing about a bomber is that it combines function and fashion. You can look good while still staying warm. And, it has a bit of that too-cool-for-school edge, so you’ll feel like you stepped out of the movie Top Gun!

This jacket makes a great pick for shorter guys, as a hip-length cut will make your body look longer. We recommend pairing this outfit with a sleek, minimalistic outfit in darker tones.

2. Mackintosh Double-Breasted Wool Peacoat

A peacoat is a winter classic for the classy, put-together guy. This type of coat is a must-have for businessmen, as it adds a thick, warm layer to a suit. But, even if you pair it with a simple outfit like jeans and a t-shirt, you’ll find yourself turning heads on the streets.

The buttons, form-flattering cut, and sleek midnight blue shade make you look polished and elegant. And, this coat is a blend of wool and cashmere, so you can stay warm. 

3. Burberry Kensington

A trenchcoat is a wardrobe staple, as it’s classic, stylish, and bold. This trenchcoat is waterproof, although you’ll find it less warm than the others on this list. Depending on where you live, you might have to keep it as a fall or spring jacket. 

Many men avoid a trenchcoat as they’re not sure how to style one without looking like a detective from a film noir movie. Now, part of the appeal of a trenchcoat is that slightly retro vibe, but you don’t have to go overboard. So, skip the fedora.

Instead, pair your trenchcoat with a sleek, color-blocked outfit. For instance, you can wear a tan trenchcoat with a black turtleneck and slim black pants. Alternatively, you can wear a navy trenchcoat with navy pants and a boldly colored sweater on top. 

This creates a modern look, with a classic twist. In addition, you can buy Supreme shoes to pair with your trenchcoat that will give it a bit of a street style edge. 

4. Carhartt Men’s Quilted Flannel-Lined Active Jacket

Carhartt, while formerly not a high fashion brand, is rapidly becoming a wardrobe essential. There’s a rising trend of utility wear: things like janitor’s jumpsuits, overalls, and cargo pants. 

This jacket works well if you lean into the lumberjack aesthetic. Think flannels, faded jeans, and simple t-shirts. The key here is fit. If everything looks baggy on you, your outfit will look too utilitarian and lack a sense of style. But, when styled correctly with the perfect fit, you look both masculine and refined. 

A Carhartt jacket is also one of the warmest things you can own, so it’s great if you’re staring down the barrel of a cold winter.

5. Mr. P’s Oversize Mélange Wool Coat 

This coat is classy, sophisticated, and luxurious. It’s soft and warm and has lots of room for a thick sweater underneath it. 

This wool coat is a smooth grey and has a very refined European aesthetic to it. Capitalize on this by styling it with chunky knit sweaters, bold stripes, and leather ankle boots or Oxfords for a well-read, scholastic look. 

Alternatively, pair it with a graphic t-shirt and stonewashed jeans for a low-key, off-duty celebrity look. 

6. Arc’teryxCamosun Parka

This is a lifestyle parka, intended for maximum warmth without losing style. This might not be your look if you wear a lot of suits or enjoy dressing with classic sophistication, but it makes for a trendy street jacket. 

The reason we consider it one of the best winter jackets is its versatility and performance. You can wear this bad boy around the ski resort or on a snowshoeing trip and you’ll never feel damp, cold, or exposed. You can also wear it to a date and you’ll never feel underdressed. 

7. North Face Altier 

If you think that the North Face is only for mountaineering and extreme performance, think again. North Face has recently collaborated with brands like Supreme, establishing it as both trendy and functional. 

This North Face winter jacket is the perfect down jacket for subtle style. It’s warm, it’s sleek, and it’s waterproof. And, it’s easy to build into an outfit! Jeans, a t-shirt, a pair of Supremes, and you’ll be turning heads in no time at all. 

Start Picking Winter Jackets for Men Like a Pro

These are our choices for the best winter jackets for men this season. Your pick will depend on your personal style and how cold your winters get. But, rest assured that you can’t go wrong with any of the jackets on this list.

So, get ready to pick your next winter jacket, and stay both warm and cool this season! 

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