Top Boarding school in India and benefits of Boarding school

Many of you might have heard about boarding schools. Might have even thought to admit your kid in one such Boarding schools. And hence in this article let us help you understand what does the best boarding schools in India are like. Boarding school provides education to pupils on-premises that is precisely the opposite of day schooling, the right age for boarding school in year 9 to 14. At the same time, it’s based on family circumstances.

Some boarding schools are either for boys or girls or even co-educational. Traditionally students stay at the school for a specific period, some boarding schools allow them to go home on weekends, and some facilitate day returning. Boarding school is an elite educational system in some places like India.

India is one of the best places for boarding schools, and in this article, we have shared the detailed guide of the facilities that these best boarding schools in India provide. In the schooling and learning culture, boarding schools are a more influential source to enhance extensive character as well as knowledge in a cosy way. On the other hand, boarding schools are better than regular educational systems. Because boarding schools establish mature temperament in a person, students become more self-sufficient, their activities become more productive and show better abilities in multiple exercises.

They learn a valuable life lesson and develop better virtues and a sense of humour and respect. Many parents sending their child away alone to an unknown atmosphere to struggle might seem an absurd idea, but the best boarding school in the country with world-class facilities and infrastructure make sure that the student receives the most favourable environment to start their journey towards a successful life.

Schooling in India has always been considered to have an edge among the rest of the world.

Boarding schools in India have been renowned since around a few decades or so. This has replaced the old traditional concepts. It has also reached to an another dimension of learning. They use many techniques to educate their students and develop them as well to become a good human being. Many students come from abroad to get admitted to Indian boarding schools because of their quality and substantial hard work toward their students.

Top 10 Boarding schools in India:

  1. The Lawrence School, Sanawar
  2. Lawrence School, Lovedale, Ooty
  3. Sahyadri School, Pune
  4. Sherwood College, Nainital
  5. New Era High School, Panchgani
  6. Rishi Valley School, Chittoor
  7. Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya, Gwalior
  8. Mussoorie International School, Mussoorie
  9. Bishop Cotton School, Shimla
  10. Mayo College, Ajmer

Top Boarding Schools in Dehradun:

There are also many Boarding Schools in Dehradun which provides the student with all the facilities along with high-quality schooling and education.

It focuses on the overall development of the mental and physical health of children. It begins with learning from the selected curriculum, the graduate studies are the ones which are liked by the student, and which they choose for themselves. Like any other place, even boarding schools have their pros and cons.

But if we count on the pros, It helps students to become self-sufficient and independent, bold, encourages them to face the challenge on their own. It also makes them socializing, which helps them to take responsibility for their education and career. Hence these pros are more significant than the cons.India boasts of one of the most excellent boarding schools in Dehradun like:

  1. The Doon school
  2. Asian School Dehradun
  3. Ecole Globale International Girl School, Dehradun
  4. Bala Hissar Academy Dehradun
  5. Beverly Hills Shalini School, Dehradun

Benefits of Boarding Schools in India helps the students to get-

  • A 24/7 Learning Environment- Boarding schools are not just schools they have a 24/7 hour immersive vibrant educational system. Here Every aspect is dedicated to cultivating students’ mental growth and development. Their hub and communities which students call home is also a learning hub. They spend the most on their students. Besides, students also have other activities like gymnasiums, sports courts, swimming pools, and well-equipped libraries.

Thus Boarding has a more vibrant curriculum with a wide range of subjects and activities. This investment to students returns efficiently as a result in the future. One of the most interesting things is boarding school students spend more time in both academics and extracurricular activities compared to regular day school students.

  • Staff Experts Guidance– the best boarding schools in India, boasts of the significant interactions between the Faculties and students. Under the surveillance of each faculty, there is less risk of students in engaging in harmful activities or behaviour. Besides, the teachers of boarding schools are highly educated, and well trained. They can differentiate their responsibility towards the younger and adult students. They are mentor, coaches as well as the ones to admire.
  • Building Confidence and Resilience– Staying away is hard for a student. Building confidence and resilience helps the students in becoming more adaptable, flexible, and thereby be able to make the transition into new environments. This is an excellent method by a boarding school. Faculty members will always help through thick and thin. They will show students how to learn from their mistakes; hence this is the best method of success. The combination of Guidance and freedom helps to develop maturity, independence, and resilience.
  • Cultivating Social Skill- Boarding schools also helps the student to develop their social skill. These days ‘who you know’ is essential as ‘what you know’.Boarding schools will help to practice these skills in real life.
  • Everlasting bonds of Friendship– Throughout the journey in Boarding, all that a student cherishes is the friendships of their mates. It’s not just a school but a community. Their academic benefits as well because a friend’s influence is also very important. The top 10 Boarding schools in India also make sure that they make every one of their students efficient so that their influence can impact positively towards others.


Dehradun is the most popular city when it comes to boarding schools. This winter city is familiar with one of the best boarding schools in India.Most of the parents who send their children to Boarding school believes that they can get more opportunities which their parents can’t give. Hence, every boarding school makes sure that their students are getting the best care to develop themselves, resolve any problem they face, and be able to choose the best for them. You can easily choose one of the best boarding schools in India for your kid’s future studies.